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Can Blinds & Curtain Improve The Value Of Your Property?

If you are selling your home, you are probably wondering how you can improve its value. This is a very important concern for many home sellers today because the property prices have significantly dropped in the past couple of years. So what are the home improvement ideas that can help shoot up your property value?


It is important that you note of what is important to the general buyers before you decide on the home improvement project you should pursue. Set your own opinion and preferences aside before you decide. Check out online blogs, magazines and other sources of information about the trends in living spaces today. It is very important that you consider such important aspects especially if you are working on a limited budget.

One of the simple home improvement ideas that will help improve the value of your property is changing the blinds and curtains. Many people might wonder how these two can improve the value of their home. Below are various ways explaining how both blinds and curtains can help improve the value of your property:

Blend in or Stand Out

Unobtrusive, natural color choices can make blinds seem to disappear practically into the woodwork. Any blinds, noticeable or not, bring a linear feel to your room's décor. This is perfect for those who love order and strive for balance in a room. If this is you, but you still want to bring the softness of fabric to your windows, consider drapes. Although drapes can be had in a wide variety of patterns, selecting a solid color like gold, burgundy or a deep green can help you retain a proper feel to your rooms while adding a touch of serenity.

If you really want to soften up the look, go for floral patterns, shiny or velvet fabrics, tassels or heavy rope-style tiebacks. A large room can handle a bold pattern, so don't be afraid of those cabbage roses, flashy swirls or damask. Consider pooling the fabric at the floor for an added statement, or buy ornate iron or wooden carved tiebacks. These can be heavy, so make sure if you are installing them in wallboard or plaster you use the correct hardware, or they may pop right back out of the wall.


Relaxed Look

If your room is more casual, curtains or valances might be what you want. A lighter fabric like cotton print or lace brings an airy, cheery feel to your room, and a delicate chintz pattern is just the thing for spring. Tiny rosebuds or graceful vines bring the beauty of your garden right indoors. Valances require much less fabric than full curtains and can be changed with the seasons - a fun and economical prospect. Many swag curtain styles can look elegant and add a touch of drama, but a tailored swag or one in a gingham print makes for a homier look.

No matter the fabric or pattern you choose, definitely, mount your curtains or drape hardware several inches above and to the sides the window - and maybe even at ceiling level, depending on the height of your ceilings. It keeps the fabric out of the way of the cords and other blind mechanisms, and hanging curtains and drapes higher and wider than the window frames makes the windows look much larger than they actually are.

Importance of Blinds and Curtain decoration

• Improved kitchen appearance:

If you have not been giving attention to your kitchen, now is the best time to evaluate it. The kitchen is one of the first things that home buyers check. This is also one of the factors that most of them consider. The good thing is there are several inexpensive ways to improve your kitchen. Just make sure that all is in working condition, you will be able to improve it by merely painting the wall, changing the blinds and curtains and improving the lighting.

• Add test into the living room:

If you have enough space, adding some new blinds and curtains will be ideal. An extra curtain will surely be inviting for buyers. These two will help transform some unused areas into a stunning living room. Consequently, the attic can be converted into a bedroom while the basement can be your work area and study room for the kids.

Value Of Property

• Better looking bathrooms:

Bathrooms are also essential considerations for home buyers. They want it to be spacious, comfortable and attractive. Like the kitchen, you can give it a new look by putting new blinds and curtains and then ensuring that everything is working correctly. You can change the counter, the faucets, add new mirrors and make sure that it is clean as well.

• Transform your garage:

If you only use your garage as the storage area, then start clearing out the space. With new blinds and curtains, you can easily transform it into a home office if you like. This can also be a wonderful play area for the children or a space where you can get crafty. Such renovations will add your home some value.

• Improve your home exterior:

Do not just focus on what you can change internally. You have to check the external of your house as well. See to it that it is appealing. Repair the damages. You can paint the external wall and change the knobs and locks. Remove wilted plants and arrange them properly. You can also add some outdoor furniture to make it more appealing.

Decide if you want to hire or do-it-yourself

If you are ready to renovate your home for value improvement, there are important decisions you have to make. First, you need to determine whether you will do-it-yourself, or you will hire a property decoration company. If you do not have the time or expertise, it will be wiser to let a professional in still the Blinds and Curtains at your place. As a person who knows nothing about interior and exterior decoration, you may skip some of the projects that would give you a higher return on investment in future.


Decoration work for value improvement is more than the application of fresh paint on walls, floors and ceilings. You might want to upholster some pieces of furniture, order a set of new sofas in a different fabric, buy new curtains or blinds, add a wallpaper, change your carpet or sew new pillows. Outside your house, you might need a secluded landscaped area with a water fountain, new plants that suit your area, more pavements and other things. There are so many other ideas that could be implemented to enhance the appearance of your property.

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