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Roller blinds are becoming more popular than curtains nowadays as more and more people find installing roller blinds as a better choice for their home or office decor. The increasingly popular use of roller blinds not only serves the function of blocking harmful UV lights, it can also enhance the aesthetic nuance of your room at home or in your office.

Maintenance of Roller Blinds
It is also easier to maintain roller blinds than curtains and there are so many designs for you to choose from. Simply lowering the roller blind with the side pulley and you’ll enjoy the comfort of not exposing to the glaring sunlight or having the same privacy as using curtains.

Health Concern for Our Modern Society
Curtains may accumulate dirt much more than roller blinds and those who have sinus or who are dust-sensitive may prefer using roller blinds instead. You don’t have to bring down the blinds like curtains to wash them and normally just spending a few minutes’ time would be more than enough to clean your delightful roller blinds.

What’s more is that the cost of roller blinds is much cheaper than curtains and different types of fabrics and designs are available for you to select; whether it’s retro polyester or traditional rustic feel, you will soon discover an amazing array of choices for you to blend your house or office with such easy-to-use-and-maintain roller blinds.

Roller blinds with specially coated materials can be used in bathrooms also. They will stay anew after many frequent showers that you take daily so you do not have to worry the color of such water-proof roller blinds will diminish over time.

Thinking of extreme darkness in your room? You can opt for blackout roller blinds, whether you need that extra something to wind yourself down with least or zero light in your room, or you need to watch your favorite movies with quasi theatre standard, or simply using such blackout roller blinds to enthrall your audience with your PowerPoint presentations at your office meeting room.

Not sure what to block the sunlight for your odd-shaped office room? Roller blinds will do wonders for that as they are always versatile and adaptable to accommodate such extreme anomalies.

More and more young designers have come out with many interesting innovative designs for roller blinds and it seems like the trend of such demands will grow even further in Singapore as we progress more vibrantly and creatively.

So look no further to approach our friendly customer service staff for more details or customize what you would prefer to have in mind in order to truly transform your home or office to your heart’s desire.

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I saw their website on the internet so i decided to give them a try. They came up to my office and measure all my windows and they sent me a quotation. Price quoted was reasonable so i decided to give them a try. All i can say is their service, workmanship & attitude towards the customer is excellent. Very professional company! Highly recommeneded!
Mr Tay (ERA)
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We are specialists in: Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Outdoor Blinds, Office, Timber, Vertical, roller shades & motorized Blinds

We are specialists in: Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds, Outdoor Blinds, Office, Timber,
Vertical, roller shades, motorized blinds & Curtains
I was recommended by my property agent. She told me they had one of the widest blinds products in Singapore with the best rates. I have several properties in Singapore and all my curtains & blinds has been done up by Singapore Roller Blind. I simply love their work and attention to detail. Well done guys!
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