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Singapore Roller Blinds has been in the curtain & blinds industry serving our clients with a smile. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our valued clients for their continual support. We wouldn’t grow without YOU!

We specialize in blinds design:

Roller blind have many preferred choice as it is a covering that has simple lines. It does not have excess fabric which is fixed and fitted closely to the windows.
Roller blind have extremely durable.
• Roller blind have aesthetically attractive.
• Roller blind have flexible.
• Roller blind have simple & easy to operate.
• Roller blinds help to reduce glare.

Roman blinds have an extensive range of options. They are mainly made of soft fabrics. Using Roman blinds can create a “classical” atmosphere to the environment. When the blind is lifted, the way the panels are designed to fold creates a very luxurious feel to both the blind and the room.

• Roman blinds have massive range of styles and colours.
• Roman blinds are easy to maintain.
• Roman blinds can be in ready-made or made to measure
• Roman blinds are flexibility in term of materials.

Outdoor blinds have a wide range of benefits, apart from enhancing the aesthetic appeal of a house. It is a popular shading product due to the warm climate in Singapore. It will help to prevent harmful rays from emitting. It can be customized and can be easily retractable. It makes your environment more enjoyable.
• Outdoor blinds provide you with adequate privacy.
• Outdoor blinds are weather shield.
• Outdoor blinds can conserve the use of electricity.

Office Blinds. It is essential to have the working atmosphere in the office. Employees may face problems such as glares or blackout requirement to need have the right environment as the look of a space where you work can improve your motivation to work. With the use of office blinds you can have a constructive working environment.
• Office blinds are ease of operation.
• Office blinds are free from fire retardant, thus safe.
• Office blinds are trouble-free & easy to operate.

Timber Blinds can customize to any window size and they create a customized feel & look. Timber Blinds are good insulator as the wider timber slats can be maneuverer to control the amount of sunlight. Timber Blinds are also effective creating a perfect ambience in your environment and preventing noise pollution from disturbing you.

• Timber blinds has an extensive range of styles
• Timber blinds is an excellent insulation.

Vertical blinds help to keep out sun while adding appearance to your environment. They are able to control sunlight emitting that can save your money in more ways than one. By keeping the windows covered with a strong and good vertical blind, temperature will be able to maintain. It will help to lower fuel bills and lower heat temperature.

Roller shade blinds are among the most practical blinds used. They are affordable, simple and convenient! It can totally block all sunlight from emitting.
• Roller shade blinds are simple yet elegant.
• Roller shade blinds are superior value.

All blinds can be spring-operated, motorised or chain-operated. Motorized Roller blind have blinds with the use of remote control. Motorisation is the future of window coverings. We believe that once you use motorized roller blinds, you will never turn back to use manual blinds as they are so convenient!
• Motorized Roller blind have a long lifespan than standard blinds.
• Motorized Roller blind have nearly sound-free.
• Motorized roller blinds give you the “luxurious” feel.

With us Singapore Roller Blinds around, choose the design you fancy. We understand the specific needs for providing comfortable and safe environment for you. Whether you need to prevent solar glare, improving privacy or comfort, we are here to assist you within your budget. We will try our best to furnish your environment you desire. Singapore Curtains is the leading curtains and blinds company in Singapore, call us for a free quotation.

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