4 Signs When You Need To Change Your Roller Blinds

Many houses and buildings that are being constructed in Singapore have embraced the use of modern technology. A good example is the installation of modern roller blinds that not only block the light from outside, but also improve privacy and enhance the aesthetic look of the house. Blinds play a very critical role in our homes. If you want privacy and protection from UV light, blinds will make all that possible. Nonetheless, not all blinds will serve this purpose for a long time. It is important to choose the right blinds that will last long and add an appeal to your house.

No matter the quality of the roller blind you choose, there will come a time when you will need to replace them. If blinds get out of shape due to the wear and tear, they tend to create a bad sight that will affect the overall appearance of the house. Many people have roller blinds that are due for replacement but they just do not know that their time is up. The following are the 4 major signs that will show you your roller blinds are supposed to be replaced with new ones:

1. Slats that are warped or Bent

This is a major sign that you need to replace your roller blinds with new ones. If you notice that the blinds you have no longer have the neat straight lines that used to make them attractive, it means they have served you long enough and need urgent replacement. When these blinds are first pulled out of a new box, the neat straight lines are the ones that tell you they are new. However, with continued use, the lines tend to disappear. This causes warping and bending, especially when there is prolonged exposure to heat. If you were using wooden blinds, humidity can also affect them to lose shape. This is the reason why it is advisable not to use wooden roller blinds in areas such as bathrooms or the laundry rooms.

2. Difficult or impossible to raise
There comes a time when you have to apply a lot of force in order to roll up the blinds. If you notice that the rollers will need a lot of strength to raise them, this calls for immediate replacement. It shows that there is potential damage on the blinds and they may end up being a danger in the house. It also shows that the lift mechanism has been affected and it could reach to a point of breaking. If you apply too much force in order to raise the blinds, they could fall out of the window and end up causing injuries to people in the house. The only way out is to replace the roller blinds that have become difficult to lift.

3. Discoloration

If roller blinds are used for a long time, they are likely to discolor and fade. This can be caused by prolonged exposure to direct sun. Also, it all depends on the quality and type of roller blinds that you purchased. Low quality blinds tend to fade at a fast rate even when they are exposed to little sunlight. If the material fades or discolors, its effectiveness in offering UV protection becomes compromised and hence a replacement is inevitable. For instance, if you purchased yellow white blinds but now they appear to be yellow, it is high time you replace them. It could also mean that the blind slat material has deteriorated and could be breaking soon. In addition, discolored blinds will make the house to look uglier and older. The best solution is to immediately replace them. On the other hand, stains can also cause discoloration and make the blinds to look older. Also, smoking in the house can be a major cause of discoloration causing the blinds to look dirtier. The best precaution is to avoid smoking in the house or near the blinds.

4. Frayed cords or fabric edges

If you notice that the cords are frayed, it is a clear indication that there has been too much wear and tear and the blinds have become old. Also, it could also mean that the the internal lifting mechanism is not working properly and this has caused damage to the strings. In the end, the roller blinds will become impossible to lift so the best way forward is to replace them. If you are using fabric shades, the ends can also fray and affect the blinds. This is usually caused by the shades scraping on the edges of the frame. If you continue using them in this state, they could end up damaging the shade.

Other Possible Reasons That Could Warrant Replacement

If you have changed the house décor and remodelled it recently, changing the roller blinds can be a good idea. The new look that you have given your house may not go well with the old blinds. For instance, changing the décor will mean that there is a new color and new blinds will be appropriate to make the perfect match.

Pet damage

The presence of pets in the house can make the blinds to be in bad shape. For instance, cats can force themselves through the blinds while dogs tend to poke their noses through the blends. This can lead to scratching and bending of the blinds. In the end, there will be dirt, dust and other debris trapped in the scratches. It will make the blinds to become old and will need to be replaced.


As you change your roller blinds, it is important to put into consideration a number of factors in order to achieve the best results. Style should be given utmost priority so that you select the best style that matches your décor. Roller blinds are good and are readily available in materials that will complement your décor. You can even opt for custom made roller blinds that go well with a custom built window. There are many window treatment companies in Singapore that can help you to come up with an ideal design that will fit your home perfectly.

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