6 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Roller Blinds For Kitchen

The kitchen is a very important part of your house, especially if you enjoy being at home every so often. In this space, you will not only make your meals, for those who cook, but also entertain some of your guests for breakfast or snacks. This means that in addition to basic functionalities, the kitchen must be aesthetically appealing. Generally, modern kitchens have a postmodern design where space, lighting and perfect finishes are the deal breakers. And when it comes to furnishing your kitchen, your choice of blinds and how you install them will not only affect how the kitchen will look, but also how easy it will be for you to operate them.

With this in mind, there are six things that you should avoid doing when you install roller blinds in the kitchen.
-Not measuring the windows
-Settling for the wrong color scheme
-Going for the cheapest product
-Using the wrong fabric
-Skipping the instructions
-Doing it yourself

1. Take the right measurements

Like many rooms in the house, your kitchen’s windows could be of any size and having a rough estimate is a very wrong way to go about selecting the roller blinds. First, you need blinds that cover the entire window perfectly. Smaller blinds will look ridiculous, as will larger ones. You must thus consider having a measuring device in order to get the exact dimensions of your window before setting out to buy and install the blinds. And when recording the measurements, you should not forget to state the units in which your device is measuring. For instance, 72 inches in length is very different from 72 cm and you need to get it right to avoid any unfortunate incidents.

2. Blinds are a part of your home decor

Your home probably has a theme color that you work around when selecting furniture and other décor items. The roller blinds are not exceptional here, they have to blend in or light up the rest of the home. This means that you cannot settle for a dull color. If you need your blinds in peach, you need to find peach roller blinds, and if you need olive ones, then they have to come in olive. It does not matter how long you will have to wait, or how many shops you will have to visit. A kitchen in which the blinds do not coordinate with the rest of the color scheme is very disturbing. It only ends up lending a look of disorganization and some confusion to an otherwise perfect space.

3. Cheap is often expensive

We often settle for deals that are affordable and seem pocket friendly in comparison to other deals. However, when you choose to install roller blinds in your kitchen, you need to acknowledge that it will be rather costly and thus you must be willing to meet those expenses. This is because there are some people out there who offer very cheap products that are rather faulty and last for a very short time. As a result, you end up having to replace them sooner than you would if you had bought authentic products at their real market value. Do not settle for the cheapest products, rather look at the quality and consider vendors in Singapore who offer you a warranty considering how expensive these products are.

4. Fabric is part of functionality
Most people buy roller blinds for the whole house and thus forget that they are only useful for specific purposes. In the bedroom for example, they provide privacy and keep the dust out, while in the kitchen their main aim is to ensure some privacy while letting in some natural light and keeping the dust out as well. This means that you cannot buy roller blinds in the same fabric for the whole house. You need to be sure of which fabrics will keep the light out, which ones are easy to clean and which ones will let the light in. For the kitchen, do not choose heavy fabric that will be difficult to clean and that will block out the light. You need lighter fabrics that can ensure you get natural light and that you can clean easily seeing how messy kitchens can get.

5. You have to follow the manual

Installing a roller blind is considerably easy, after you have gone through the rigorous exercise of deciding on the color, fabric and the right measurements for your windows. Most roller blind packages contain a step by step guide for those who enjoy doing things for themselves. However, the challenge is that the process looks very easy and you may end up feeling overconfident about your abilities. The most common mistake that people make is not reading all the instructions. If you do not do it step by step as per the guide, you are likely to mess it up and thus have trouble opening and closing the blinds. This is true for both the manual and automatic roller blinds where everything has to be done systematically to avoid messing it all up. If you do not follow the manual, you will most likely have to remove the blinds and start all over again, sooner or later that is.

6. The significance of professionals

Like many aspects in interior design, roller blinds are a specialty for some people. They are simple and yet elegant, with a touch of sophistication. It is thus not wise to start the process of installing them without consulting a professional. A lot of factors affect the relevance of roller blinds in your house, including where you live, the kind of weather you experience, the kind of windows that you have, among other things. A professional will gladly advice you on the best options that you have depending on what you expect from the blinds. They will also advice you on colors, fabric, measurements and even pricing options depending on your budget. You may not hire a home décor expert to install these blinds for you, but at least buy the blinds from a professional who will be willing to consult with you.

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