6 Mistakes To Avoid When Selecting Roller Blinds

It may be confusing when you need to select the right type of roller blinds for your home. There are many choices available and people can make mistakes if they don’t have experience and the right knowledge. We will discuss in this article the most common mistakes to avoid when selecting roller blinds for your home. That will help you making an informed purchasing decision when you order your roller blinds.

  1. Measurements mistakes
    This is one of the common mistakes people can make when planning to buy roller blinds. You need to be very careful when taking the measurements for the right dimensions of the new roller blinds. It is recommended to check your measurements twice just to be sure you didn’t do any mistakes. And it is also recommended to have somebody with you to help with the measurements. Two people are less likely to take the measurements wrong. Use a good steel measuring tape to take the dimensions and measure the height and three areas for width.
  2. Choosing the wrong roller blinds fit
    There are many types and styles of roller blind available on the market nowadays. Some of them can completely cut off light, while others will let in a lot of light. Depending on what you want to achieve with them you have to consider what type of roller blinds you need.
  3. Buying no name brands or from a no name store
    If you are buying on a budget don’t try to save more by purchasing no name roller blinds brands or from a no name store. The cheapest roller blinds on the market might disappoint you later. The roller blinds are something you’ll look at all the time, so you want to have something durable and with a good design. It is recommended to purchase high quality products from brand name manufacturing companies and reputable stores.
  4. Not consulting with experts
    When buying roller blinds it is the best that you consult with experts. Ask the advice of the in store experts and consult with them on your best choices that would meet your requirements and needs. It is important that your roller blinds will fit well in your home, have colors that go well together with the rest of your home design, and have the right style for you. Buying roller blinds is not just a matter of finding the best deal. Choosing the best design, style and color is as important as well. There can be thousands of color shades so it is better to consult an expert for the best design and color match. As a general rule the color of the roller blinds should either contrast or complement the wall paint color. Roller blinds of white color can make the room look brighter. White also adds elegance to the room but you need to consider that it is requiring more maintenance and cleaning because it is easier to spot dust and dirt on white.
  5. Not taking in consideration the cutbacks
    When you choose your roller blinds take in consideration also the cutbacks. Every roller blind that is mounted inside has to be cut back in order to fit into the window. That means a tad of light gap will be left on either side. You might be disappointed if you choose inside mounted roller blinds and you want a total blackout in your room. In order to not have light entering the room at all you will better choose and outside mount. In case that you still prefer an inside mount but also need total a blackout effect you will need to add a fabric panel in order to eliminate the gap.
  6. Confusing custom with cut downs
    Some stores offer cut downs roller blinds. That means they will take the product off the shelf and cut it to the appropriate width to match your measurements. The wood might be of lesser quality with cut downs and they will not remove the extra slats at the bottom. That doesn’t really mean custom roller blinds. Custom roller blinds mean that you can order to match all your specifications and personalize your product.

By taking care to not make any of these common mistakes when selecting roller blinds for your house you will fortunately purchase a high quality product that will suit all your requirements. Roller blinds add much to the style and functionality of your home.

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