6 Reasons Not To Choose Roller Blinds

Window treatment can either detract or add beauty of your home or office. Therefore, many people in Singapore are choosing the best window treatment method in order to add beauty on their homes. However, choosing the best window treatment needs to take thoughts and considerations. You have to weigh the advantages and the disadvantages of each window treatment method before you make your final decisions.

Among the most popular window treatment method in Singapore are roller blinds. They have become popular than curtain because people are finding them as the best décor for their homes and offices. The increasing popularity of rollers blinds not only serves the function of blocking UV lights but also enhances the aesthetic nuance of offices or homes. Unfortunately, like any other kind of window treatment methods, roller blind also have disadvantages. The following are six reasons why you should not choose roller blinds:

· They need special cleaning

Unlike most curtains that do not require special cleaning, roller blinds need special cleaning in order to last long. Some blind are made of special clothes that may be required to be cleaned by professional dry cleaners. Therefore, before you decide to install them in your home or office, you should be aware of the kind of material that was used to manufacture it and how it’s cleaned.

· Failed Mechanism

Another great disadvantage of roller blind is that they may not function as required due to failed mechanism. Both ratchet systems and electronic systems have parts that may fail and need to be cleaned and replaced often. Therefore, if you may have purchased expensive roller blind and its mechanisms fail and can’t be fixed, you may be required to replace them with new ones. Hence, you will end up spending a lot of money in the long run.

· They are not suitable for Victorian Homes

Since most roller blinds are contemporary, they are not suitable for those old homes where the owners need to retain their historic look. Therefore, most of these homes feature shutters and blind to ensure that the aesthetic of the homes décor is retained.

· Roller blind do not offer the best sunlight control

Controlling the amount of sunlight entering your office or home is important because by doing this, you can be able to choose the amount of sunlight that you want to let inside your room. As much as you can set the blind, you cannot change sunlight direction which may be a problem for you.

· Problems with privacy

Since it is difficult to control the amount of light that you let inside your home or office, the same thing can cause a problem with your privacy. You want to see outside but at the same time you do not want people to see inside. Roller blind are not the best window treatments for your home if you need privacy. This is because there are simply two types of material that are used to make them. They can be either be perforated which blocks the sunlight and gives your privacy during the day but not at night or completely blackout that totally block the sunlight and give you privacy during the day and at night.

· They are expensive to install and maintain

Since some materials that are used to make roller blinds need to be cleaned by professional dry cleaners, it becomes an expense compared to other window treatment methods that do not require special skills to clean them. In addition, if homeowners need privacy and enough light they may be required to install perforated and completely block out rollers which makes the installation process to be expensive.

The above six disadvantages of roller blinds make them not to be the best option for your window treatment.

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