A Guide To The Different Types Of Popular Blinds

Almost all the houses have windows for letting the beautiful sunlight get in, but sometimes, people don’t want the lights to get in and want some darkness in the room. The more sunlight enters the room, then more warmer it becomes, so more energy is required to lower down the temperature with air conditioning. This is very costly, especially during the summer. By controlling passage of sunlight into the room through window blinds, you can actually save more energy, reducing your electricity bills.

For this purpose, shades or blinds have been created in order to provide shelter to your windows and enhance your level of privacy. There is a control over the amount of light in the room, safety of your valuables from the outside world and protection against burglary with the help of blinds and shades. There are so many types of blind designs to choose in the market. Here are some of the most popular blinds to use in your house or office.

1. Venetian Blinds:

Owing to the wide use of Venetian blinds, this type is perfect for any type any type of windows and rooms and are basically good for all purposes. In this type, the horizontal slates are used and it can rotate form completely closed to completely open. The slates are attached to each other in a horizontal manner and slates can be pulled up leaving your windows without any blinds. This will make a large amount of light to come in the room and enhances the brightness of the room. Apart from these features, Venetian blinds are very attractive and stylish and are perfect for all types of room.

2. Roller Blinds:

As the name suggests, this type of shades are long-lasting and are very practical. This is another popular type of blind and make your room completely dark without letting any beam of light to get in. The room can also be filled with the maximum amount of light by lifting the roller blind. With the roller blinds, easy cleaning of the windows is possible. It is because after this blind is folded, your windows remain free of any visible window treatment. In order to make it last long, plastics are used to make roller blinds. There are different varieties of patterns and colors to choose today.

3. Vertical Blinds:

There is a great argument between people about this type of blind. Many say that this is the most elegant choice for the window, when it comes to shades. They can completely block out the sunlight like the Venetian blinds, but if rotated in a way can allow a certain amount of light in the room, if aligned perpendicular to the window. They are not very practical however, because they are not so good for the windows are opened and closed on the inside. This is the main drawback of this type of blind. Vinyl makes it very easy to create this shade in any design, model, color and size. You don’t have to worry about mold when you have vinyl blinds, since they are not affected by moisture. This means that you can easily install in kitchens or bathrooms.

4. Roman Blinds:

Roman blinds are made from a design based in folds, which are collected as the blinds are going up and unfold to measure when the blind is lowered. Each of these folds is divided by a slim profile of PVC, aluminium and wood. Both color profiles, as co-ordinated with the chosen fabric color, strings and other accessories makes the Roman blinds harmonious and elegant.

– Variety of fabrics, colors and textures.
– Versatility.
– Modern and elegant design.
– It provides illumination without losing privacy.
– Its design adapts to any type of decoration.
– Possibility of automation or adaptation of intelligent home systems

5. Aluminum Blinds:

The aluminum blinds combine design and technology to achieve a perfect product to decorate practical spaces. Since they are made in aluminium and are easy to maintain, and can be combined with other blinds thereby increasing the practicality of the product and prolonging their useful life. Its features and modern look make them perfect blinds for office, especially considering that as they are automatic blinds, they are much more practical when it comes to meetings or presentations. Functional product of excellence since it allows a perfect control of the amount of light and privacy that is required in the environment. Curtains and blinds play a very important role in the bedroom since it must be exhausted very clearly during the day but which also conducive to relaxation and intimacy. For this reason here is some information about Blackout curtains


– Blackout fabric consists of different layers of PVC that does not allow the passage of light. The installation of a blackout in the bedroom curtains is helpful for those people who have difficulty sleeping due to excessive brightness or people who require total darkness to fall asleep.

– Even during the day, they provide a more relaxed and peaceful sleep to children and adults. Also keep the room fresh, they serve to conditioned rooms for slides or for movies.

– They allow a more moderate use of areas because they help to control the temperature fairly. In interior decoration blackout curtains are suitable to give beauty and style to any environment, especially used for bedrooms and rest rooms.

– They come in different styles and colors to create environments sober or cheerful, and conservative. The blackout roller blinds are more popular practices, ease of use and cleaning, advantages of lighting and adaptability to all environments. There is also the Roman which can be vertical or horizontal.

– Shades of black-out not only are a decorative element, but they have other benefits that make them widely recognized such as they have great durability thanks to the composition of their materials, they filter the Sun’s rays, they are easy to maintain and wash and quick installation.


So these were some of the popular blinds available nowadays in the market. If you are about to install shades for your windows, then prefer among one of these and elevate the beauty of your room or the office.

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