Can Roller Blinds Be Painted?

Ever looked at the window and wondered what could be off about your home? Then it is time to consider changing the look of the roller blinds. Roller blinds form the vital link between the natural daylight and the interior of the home. This makes them greatly affect the outlook of the home which could greatly affect overall mood. But the good news is that roller blinds can indeed be painted.

Roller blinds are made from various materials and colors that are meant to bring out various aspects of the home. Depending on type material from which the roller blinds are made, there are a variety of ways in which roller blinds can be painted. The key is to maintain an open mind to see the entire project through.

Roller blinds made from fabric materials can be painted using water or oil based liquid paints. Cotton is a type of fabric what is quite absorbent and can take up most colors. However, other fabrics like silk may require different of liquid paints in order to prevent damage to the constituent fiber. Right paint to apply on roller blinds is important. This is why it is advisable to seek professional assistance when deciding on the right paint type to select.

Ideally, those roller blinds made from plastic material can also be painted, however, in a slightly different manner. Some of the available options for painting plastic roller blinds include the use of spray paint, silk and vinyl based paints. This will allow the blinds to take a different color as most of these paint options come in a variety of colors.

However, different paint have got different formulas for their paint material. It important for choosing paint that does not contain any harmful ingredients like lead that is poisonous. Other types of paints have got different odors and texture. It may not be such a good idea to change the color of the rollerblinds using paint of a certain odor only to take them down all together because their smell is unbearable. Other paints imprint a certain texture on the roller blinds thereby allowing one to enjoy their feels alongside their look.

Essentially, the idea is to get creative with whatever color or design you would wish for these roller blinds. Roller blinds can be painted in plain color to suit the color of other décor in the house. Alternatively, they can be painted with a balance of various floral and abstract prints to match various representations in nature. There are a variety of designs to choose from and outside help and inspiration may be derived from a professional. Some designs are inspired by the beautiful natural sights in Singapore which may inspire one to wish them on their roller blinds. In addition, some of these designs may be beautiful on paper print but may be difficult to reproduce on roller blinds. Painting roller blinds with such complex designs may require expert help which is why is important for a consult a professional.

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