Choosing Curtains Or Roller Blinds For Your Office Is A Better Options?

If you want simplicity and style tied together, then it is ideal that you think of making roller blinds. Roller blinds can often be used as your sole window treatment or it can be combined with valence or swag. Either way, the elegance they’ve got is well worth the effort. Scroll down this write up to know how you can make roller blinds.You can easily customize your window treatments by simply making your own roller blinds. Blind kits can be bought at a fraction of the cost normally involved when one considers one that is professionally made. Typically, making your own blinds will give you style and fabric options not available with the standard, ready- made roller blind choices. Also, re- decorating budgets will benefit you if a custom blind was made previously as the roller can hassle free be re- used with new fabric. Don’t you think that that is indeed great?

Make use of the following tips if you’re thinking to make roller blinds by your own:

Tip#1: Measuring the Width and Length of the Window:-

Measure carefully the width as well as the length of your window for inside or outside mount. Basically, inside mount is normally a more preferred option for most people since it is believed to keep the roller blinds from dislodging from frequent use. When you measure for inside mount, it is important that you allow a ¼ inch for your mounting hardware. You will then require installing the mounting hardware and then trying your roller on. If the roller fits well, remove it and lay in in a big table.

Tip#2: Pre- washing the Fabric:-

Pre- wash the fabric well and then make use of a fabric stiffer to strengthen and harden the fabric. Note that this is usually a must if you are using a lightweight or softer fabric. Mark carefully the width of your fabric against the roller. Put the fabric at the center of the roller and then hold it temporarily using a tape. Use a chalk, to mark both ends right before the hardware sticks out. Generally, this will ensure that you’ve got enough room for your blinds to smoothly roll up and down. Add one inch seam allowance and then mark the length all the way down to your window sill. Then add extra two inches at the top to be folded and then seam where you will be inserting the wooden dowel later on.

Tip#3: Removing the Tape from the Roller:-

Remove carefully from the roller the tape and then lay the fabric on any flat surface in your house. Fold on each side the seam allowances and then use either a fabric glue to keep them well in place or an iron- adhesive to spray on the fabric adhesive. Basically, sewing them is also normally another option. However, if you want a more seamless appearance, these kinds of adhesive are often perfect.

Tip#4: Folding the Bottom Part:-

Fold appropriately the bottom part and then use the same adhesives to connect properly the end on the 2- inch mark. You must ensure that you leave holes on all the ends in order to leave place whereby the wooden dowel will go through.

Tip#5: Securing the Fabric on your Roller:-

Put the top part of your fabric on the middle portion of your roller. Make use of strips of the double- sided tape to properly secure the fabric onto your roller.

Tip#6; Measuring the Lengthiness of your Wooden Dowel:-

Measure the length of your wooden dowel against the width of your fabric. Note that you can also cut to size the dowel based on the various measurements that you want. Insert at the bottom fold the wooden dowel. Basically the wooden dowel prevents the fabric from folding and twisting when the roller blinds are in use.

Tip#7: Adding Embellishments:-

Pull the cords and then test that the blind rolls smoothly up and down. Make adjustments as required and then add embellishments. However, you can also add decorative cord, rope, tassels or ribbon at the bottom part of the blind to make it more attractive and unique.

Last but not the least; it is ideal that you use colors which either complement or match your decoration. Ensure that you make use of the aforementioned tips in order to experience their effectiveness. Thank you.

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