Choosing Roller Blinds or Roman Blinds in Singapore?

Are you having trouble choosing between roller blinds and roman blinds? Or have you recently discovered that there are different types of window coverings available and are curious to learn the benefits that each of them has?

Read on to find out the differences between these two blinds and how to choose the blind that will best match your decor, color, style and functionality.

Most people think that roller blinds and roman blinds are the same. This can perhaps be attributed to the fact that the installation process used for both blinds is similar. Both window coverings also require a single tube or rod that is fastened on a window frame.

While it is true that both are in many ways the same, each has its own unique aspects that make it more likely to suit different Singaporean home and office environments.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are made with different types of fabric that gives you a wide selection to choose from. These fabrics include satin, silk or linen that give the blinds a stylish and elegant look.
The top quality fabric is placed in an aluminum head rail and carefully installed in your window frame to increase the overall durability.

Roman blinds come with different colors that fit the specific layout of your interior furnishing. What’s more, the blinds can be custom made to fit the specific size, shape and design of your window frame.
Despite the different fabric used in making roman blinds, the general design is more or less the same.
They are made up of a single stretch of fabric containing parallel folds that are held in place by rods, sticks or metal supports placed at regular intervals in lining pockets. The top is then fitted onto a simple pull string mechanism or a motorized system that pulls the shades up or down whenever required.

Roller Blinds
Roller blinds are made of thick fabric with a wide range of color for one to choose from. They are also available in different styles that fit different environments.
Whether you need window coverings for the bedroom, kitchen, living room or even the bathroom, the blinds can be made using special material, including moisture resistant material, to provide maximum functionality in your home or office.

Roller blinds come with different varieties including chain drive, head boxes, dual blinds and side channels. Plus, they can be designed in different styles and unique finishes to fit different ones interior design.
What’s more, roller blinds can be designed to fit perfectly into the frame of your widow. This, coupled with the fact that the blinds are made using thick fabric ensures that external light is blocked providing maximum privacy. For this reason, roller blinds are most appropriate for the office space as they provide an ideal working environment.
Roller blinds are easy to install, easy to clean and the tough nature of the fabric used to clean them makes it fairly durable.

Choosing the most appropriate blind is a vital choice that will determine the overall feel and decor of your home or office. While choosing right window covering, be sure to not only consider the decorative effect but also the cost, light control, design of your window and the level of privacy you need.

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