How to Choose The Right Blackout Blinds For Home

How old are your window curtains? When was the last time you replaced them? Well, if you can’t remember, then you need to consider getting new blinds. For quite a long time now, the blinds have mainly been used in offices, but they are now slowly creeping and finding their way into our homes.

The blinds come in a number of styles, designs and color. Most homeowners are increasingly opting for these blinds – don’t be left behind! You can as well refurnish your home by setting up one of these blinds. Now, when it comes to choosing the best blinds for your home, you have to admit that the task can be a bit daunting. This is mainly because of the many options to pick from. You’ll need to take various aspects into consideration. Well, let’s have a look at some of these aspects.


There is no doubt that budget always plays a major role whenever you are looking for the right blinds for your home.
Every time you are looking for the right blinds, it is advisable to start with the budget. This way, you get to know the direction you are taking. This is because once you are clear about your budget; you have the capability of looking for alternatives within your budget’s range.

Window Size

You ought to measure your window’s size because it will help you get blinds that fit in perfectly. The measurements have to be so good that the blinds you are about to buy look like they were tailor-made for your window.

Color Combination

Picking the right color can make your room have the exact look and mood you like. That is, the room can either be classy, formal or somewhere in between. It is always best that you fully understand the kind of mood you would like for your home. For instance, you would probably prefer shades of green and blue in your bedroom to make it have a relaxing mood. On the other hand, bright colors like white and/or yellow will make your kitchen or dining area have a lighter mood, thus making it more comfortable to cook from.


Some of the most popular blinds include: Venetian blinds, Roller blinds, Daylight blinds, Roman blinds, Vertical blinds, and Blackout blinds. Here, we are going to dwell more on Blackout blinds. They are best known for their dense fabrics, which cut out light from entering into your room. It is most ideal for those who would love to enjoy a nap during the day. They are also ideal for those whose rooms face bright lights like stadiums or concert halls. Blackout blinds come in different types. Either as wood blinds, bamboo blinds, natural grass blinds and honeycomb blinds. At the same time, they are available in various colors to pick from. Irrespective of your decorative theme(s), all these types of blackout blinds can accommodate your desired looks.

There are four main types of blackout blinds

1. Blackout Roman Shades

They provide a wide range of fabric colors and cell shades, but with a nice look. These roman shades are available as a hobbled fold.

2. Blackout Bamboo Shades

They come as woven wood materials, where a blackout liner is added so that the shades don’t allow light to penetrate through.

3. Blackout Roller Shades

These are unique since they bring out a traditional look to your bedroom window. Here, fabric ranges from sheer to blackout. The right fabric can easily block any unwanted light.

4. Cellular Blackout Blinds

They are available in various widths and pleat-sizes. Most of them are equipped with myler liners, which block light from penetrating through shades.

Now, in case you are looking for the right blackout shades, you ought to pay a closer attention to their operating systems. That is, you can choose manual operating system or electric. With manual operating systems, it simply means that you’ll have to physically go to the window and use the pulley. These are best for smaller rooms. For larger rooms, it is advisable to select the electric ones.

Final Thoughts

Basically, blinds are not only more functional than curtains, but are also economical, durable and practical.
When you take a look at the latest blackout blinds, then all your anxieties in regards to their appearances will be put to rest.

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