Difference Between Roller Blinds & Curtains

If you are thinking to renovate your home or just want to change window treatment, you must have stumbled upon making a decision between traditional curtains and modern roller blinds. What are curtains and roller blinds? What are the differences between them and how do you reach a conclusion? If you have got all such doubts in your head, then this brief comparison post will help you understand your options, and make a better choice as per your budget and requirements. Let’s take a look at some pointers that will help you make the choice.

What Are Curtains?
A curtain is basically a single piece of fabric, or more hung vertically with the help of a curtain poles or rods. These curtains are pulled together to cover the window. They are available in a vast range of fabrics, designs and styles. Choose any color and design the match the theme of your room. The basic aim is to provide decoration, along with privacy. They can be used as a single or paired fabric, designed to simply dress the window. They also block sunlight from entering the home, as and when required.

Choosing a particular style and fabric for curtain can have a major impact on the overall look of the house or a room. A room or a house without curtains looks incomplete, with windows appearing cold and empty. Using right kind of curtains can dramatically increase the aesthetic appeal of your home, and make it look cozy. Custom made curtains cost more than pre-stitched ones, but they go pretty well with the interior of the room. Most DIY or department stores sell a wide range of ready-made goods, including the tracks, curtain poles (rods), curtain ties, fabrics, and so on. However, there is one major drawback that you must know about if you are thinking to use curtains as window treatment options. Curtains made with cloth that requires regular cleaning and maintenance as attract dust. You will need to wash them once in every two months to maintain good hygiene indoors.

What Are Roller Blinds?

Blinds are available in two type – soft blind and hard blind. Roman blinds come under the category of soft blind, while Venetian and Roller are known as hard blind. Soft blind can easily make in home by using different combination of fabrics. On the other hand, hard blinds can only be manufactured by specialists or need to be bought ready make from home decor stores.

If rollerblind is in your mind, knowing about it in comparison with curtains will help you make the right choice.

A rollerblind is basically types a ready made hard blinds that come in simple designs, and used mostly in commercial buildings. They are simple operate come in a variety of stylish options to match all kinds of themes. Roller blinds are free and are operated by rolling them up down to the requirement of level of shade. A rollerblind is considered to be ideal options for small and medium sized windows. But if you don’t have enough space on both sides of the window to draw across curtains, then also roller blinds can be a good option to consider as they are fit inside window or the architrave. In order to achieve better window treatment, it is advised to use one roller blind in conjunct with curtain to create multi-layer effect. In the way, blind will do the job, while curtains will provide styles and graces.

Overall, it can be said that curtains and blinds both offer different functions, but both are a successful way to cover windows. The final choice of households should be based on certain factors such as window size, location of the window, theme of the room and budget. All these factors will play a crucial role in determining the final decision. Think about how would you like to see your home? Do you want it to look unique and definitive or give it a cozier look? While pain roller blinds will provide you home with cozy and subtle look, curtains are best considered for someone who wants to add style and personalization.

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