How Long Can Average Roller Blinds Last?

In interior décor, windows are perceived to be the gateway to the external environment. As such, they need to be dressed in an appropriate way to create an inviting feel. One of the ways in which the appearance of windows can be accentuated is through the use of roller blinds. These are window coverings that fit closely to the windows without leaving any excess fabric. When installed properly, they can transform your house to give it a modern look or a classic throwback to the seventies.

Durability of Roller Blinds

How long your roller blinds will last depends on several factors. Each of these factors will determine the durability and service that your blinds will give you. Below are some of the key determinants of roller blinds durability.

The Type of Fabric –
Roller blinds come in different fabrics. Every fabric has its unique strengths depending on the weave structure and the quality of the material. Some of the fabrics commonly used include:

Translucent Fabrics –
These types of roller blind fabrics enhance your privacy by reducing external views. They are also great in that they allow light in and can be perfect for study rooms. They come in tighter weaves which makes them resistant to UV rays penetration. This makes them durable.

Sunscreen Fabrics –
These can be used in living areas because they allow views but filter light to prevent entry of UV rays. To make them durable, they are usually treated and their exposure to UV light is limited.

Block-out Fabrics –
These are types of fabrics commonly used in bedrooms because of their ability to give complete privacy. They completely eliminate light from the spaces in which they are installed. Some of the block-out fabrics are dual-sided thereby making them strong and long lasting.

Roller Blind Tubing Material –
The tubes used in roller blinds also affect the durability of the whole blind system. There are various materials that are used but generally steel and aluminium are the common ones. This is because of the resilience and tensile strength of these materials. The advantage of steel is that it is long lasting and strong. Also, it does not rust thereby making it appropriate for wet areas. Aluminium on the other hand is light in weight and when galvanized can serve for a longer duration.

The Roller Blind Operating System –
Roller blinds come with different operating systems. The resilience and strength of the operating system will also determine how long the blind will be useful. Commercial and residential environments usually have different operating systems to suit their various needs. When selecting the operating systems, choose one that has a low maintenance, ease of operation and durable. This will limit repairs and hence last long. An end cap locking system is also recommended to keep the blinds secured within its brackets.

UV Resistance Treatment –
This is a practice that lengthens the service period for roller blinds by ensuring that the fabrics resist UV rays. Depending on the intensity of the rays and the duration of fabric exposure, blinds tend to weaken after some time. To ensure that the fabrics can adequately withstand the UV rays, you have to choose materials with closed weave fabric structure and a heavy base weight.

The Choice of Supplier –
The supplier you chose to buy the roller blinds from can also determine the durability of these window coverings. There are some brands that are considered superior compared to others. This is because they are made of stronger materials and have been improved with time.

Some of the suppliers will sell to you customized roller blinds while others will give you off the shelf varieties. The most important factor in choosing the roller blinds is the dimensions in which they come. The best approach is to allow the supplier to come and take the measurements of the windows to be covered. This will give you an excellent opportunity to pick an exact match.

When choosing roller blinds therefore you need to be extremely careful. Have the big picture in your mind of the kind of environment that you want. Also, you need to factor in the cost benefit analysis of the various options available. If certain types of roller blinds are more durable than the rest, you may consider to trade off the extra cost for the quality.

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