How To Clean My House Curtain?

How To Clean My House Curtain? Have you seen your curtains with accumulated dust in recent times? Taking care of your curtain and cleaning them in regular periods will maintain and give them a long life. Read the instructions for care over the curtains before heading to clean and care for them.

Draperies and curtains care and washing along with cleaning or dry cleaning depending on the curtain material, make, and other constraints. Let’s see about cleaning the curtain appropriately in this article. Read on – How To Clean My House Curtain?

Step-by-Step Care for your house curtains

How To Clean My House Curtain?
  • Measure your curtains before washing them just in case you will require to stretch them to their earlier shape. Ensure to eliminate any weights and hooks. Loosen the curtain tapes for them to lie flat.
  • Ensure the curtain to be cleaned by dusting them first. First, run them through a dryer which is to be set on a no-heat dryer cycle. You can also shake them once to let all the dust off. Lay the curtains on a bed and then vacuum them with a brush attachment to let them off the dust.
  • Do not overload the machine with curtains or clothes along with curtains. This is because the curtains will be heavier once they become wet.
  • When washing with your hand, do not wring or rub the fabric hard. Simply and gently agitate it.
  • Dry the curtains over parallel lines for the wet surfaces of the curtain not to touch. Do not allow the curtains to be dried on wood as that could stain the curtains.
  • Iron the curtains when damp which should be done along the length vertically on the side which is covered. When sections of the fabric dry, dampen the overall curtain to prevent watermarks.
  • Stretch the curtain seams gently during the ironing processing. This is essential to prevent puckering. Spread them over a clean surface like a bed. Pull them to the appropriate size.
  • Once the curtains are dry then only insert the weights and hooks. Pull the tape to the right width.
  • You could save one curtain step by a curtain hanging by making use of vertical steaming or handheld steamer of a regular iron to smoothen them using steam.
  • Before rehanging them back, clean the valances which are fixed over the wall. Vaccum the valance as well with the upholstery attachment. The wooden valance should be cleaned with a crevice tool. Plastic valance should be cleaned with a sponge.
  • Rehanging curtains is easiest as a person can stand using a ladder for hook insertion while the one standing below can prevent dragging of curtains over the floor.

Do’s and Don’ts of Curtain Cleaning

When should you dry them?

Choose a dry cleaning curtain over machine washing or hand washing as washing can shrink the seams and linings of the curtains. You can dry clean with all its accessories over it.

Unique fabrics

You could freshen up your draperies with no dry cleaning or washing them. Simply brush them with a chamois cloth timely. Dip the chamois cloth in hot water and then wrung it properly. When hand washing the silk curtains, do it in cool or lukewarm water.

Make use of mild dish detergent. Swish but do not wring or twist the curtain.

Damage due to sun

Consistent exposure of curtains to the sun could render even fragile sturdy fabrics. Therefore, when draperies and curtains are machines washed, make use of lukewarm or cool water and wash on a gentle cycle with a mild detergent.

When possible, make use of a clothesline to hang the curtains to dry them. You can also use a dryer which can be set in a delicate or no-heat setting.

Sheer Curtains

Wash the sheer curtains periodically. They need not appear dirty, since by the time there is an appearance of dirt, they could become discolored. These fragile fabrics should be cleaned very gently. Ensure you fill over half of the washing machine but not more than that and let the curtains soak.

Keep them soaked for around 5 minutes in cold water. Make use of a whitening agent or a mild detergent. Drain the rinsed water by turning the dial. Now let the machine running on a gentle cycle setting for about 2 to 3 minutes.

Hang them when they are somewhat damp by pulling them to shape. Iron the hems while hanging by taking the help of an iron board pulled next to a window. You can also use a regular steamer or handheld steam to smoothen them.

How To Clean My House Curtain?
Regular curtain cleaning

Once the deep cleaning is done, to do regular cleaning of draperies and curtains, use a vacuum cleaner with a long-handled broom or soft brush attachment. When you use a vacuum, use it on a reduced suction to not draw the curtain fabric sucked into the nozzle.

A stiff plastic screen between the fabric and nozzle to avoid suction is recommended. You can also secure a nylon stocking covered over the vacuum nozzle with the help of a rubber band and then vacuum to avoid suction.

If you can rehang the drapes easily, you can get them down and air dries them often. You can also dry the curtains on a delicate cycle.

Some tips to clean the curtains without removing them the hanging rod

  • Vacuum- For dust, a potential vacuum cleaner with do the job of cleaning the curtains over the rod. Use a soft brush or long attachment. This is possible with a cordless vacuum and light-weighted vacuum more easily as compared to corded and bulky ones.
  • Shake the dust- If you have a ladder to get to the rod and shake them tough, you can do that to dislodge the dust accumulated. You can later dust the floor and the region around.
  • Brush off the tiny fibers- Some kinds of curtains could attract fabric and dust fibers. It is often known as lint. This lint can stick to the fabric even when vacuuming. When lint is not removed by vacuum, make use of a brush or roller to remove lint.
  • Use steam- For unsightly stains and grease over the curtains, use handheld steam or vacuum steamer to get rid of the stains. Vertical strokes of steam will penetrate the fabric without wetting them. Work in smaller sections for better results.

How To Clean My House Curtain?Conclusion

How To Clean My House Curtain?

Cleaning curtain is a household chore that people procrastinate. The process of getting them down, then washing them, ironing them, and then rehanging them could be tedious for many. However, regular cleaning of curtains is very essential for their longevity and our health.

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