How To Select Roller Shades For Your Windows?

Finding an ideal husband and a stylish roller shade is a difficult task. Well, we can’t help you in searching the ideal husband. But, we can definitely suggest you on how to select an attractive roller shade that can not only enhance your windows, but also add a charm to your entire décor. 

The perfect roller shade should style the ambiance of your décor. It should also be flexible enough to roll in and roll out in a few moments, offer optimum daylight, regulate the temperature, compliment your windows, provide you privacy and offer safety. So, let’s go ahead and see step by step instructions for selecting a smart roller shade for hiding your windows in style.

Analyze your premises
Take a small walk in your premises with a notepad and a pen. Make a note of the color, theme, style and curves of designs. Make sure you also take the right measurement of the windows and note them as well. All these notes will help you to make big decisions and filter the right roller shade for your window.

Inside out or outside in
The first and foremost decision you have to take is that, are you going to place behind the window or ahead the window. If you have draperies, we will suggest you to utilize your roller shade as an accessory to the window and place it behind the window. That will add an extra zing of style. If not, then it’s smart to use it ahead of the window. After this step, you have to decide the lighting settings of the room.

Bright or No light
Tickle your imaginary mind and ask whether you would like to brighten your room with a little sunshine or you want to black out the entire room. Once it gives the answer, then you can look ahead for the fabric.

Thick material – Welcomes less light to your ultra-sheet fabric

Thin material – Attracts more brightness to your ultra-sheet fabric

Just the material doesn’t make a difference, even the color, opacity of the fabric and designs does. Let’s see how they can affect the lighting of your room.

Opacity of the fabric
Roller Shades are made up of cotton, silk, linen, and almost every form of synthetic and natural fiber available on this planet. Just a roll and they will hide your window with ease. The following fabrics are used for deciding the opacity of the room.

Lighting roller shades – Polyester, Cotton, Linen, Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET)

Blackout roller shades – Fiberglass covered with PVC.

Depending on its color, its opacity may vary.

Vigor of the Color 
Simple rule for color is that light colors brighten up your room and dark colors absorb light. So, if you are looking to blackout your room, then choose a dark color roller shade. Or else, you can choose a light color shade.

It is not a necessary rule that you have to choose the same color of roller shade, which is utilized in your room’s décor. You can go bold by contrasting them with the décor. That will make a style statement of your premises. People are going to acknowledge and appreciate it for sure.

Plain or designer roller shade
Plain roller shades look very simple, yet classy. If you are not using it as a drapery, then you can go ahead with this one. It is suitable for bathrooms and rooms. While designer roller shade gives you two advantages. One it looks royal and other is that acts as a drapery for your windows. So make your choice here.

How does it roll back?
You definitely want your roller shade to add more persona to your premises. But, you have to make a decision. Do you want it to roll back in a single stroke or it should gradually fold itself towards the uppermost end.

Types of shades
We are going to introduce you to the variety of roller shades available in the Singaporean markets. Have a look at them and select the apt one for you.

Double Cell Top Down Bottom Up Light Filtering Shades – It is known for providing privacy, while cutting down the harmful UV rays. Although it’s a little opaque in nature, it allows natural light to flow in your premises

Woven wood roller shades – It not only gives an organic feel to the décor of your premises, but also keeps natural light at bay. It is perfect for love rooms where privacy is the major factor for couples.

Roman shades – It not only folds flat, but also sports a soft fabric. It is usually rolled back with a chord. Just a pull and you are done. It is perfect for your family room, living room and dining room.

Cellular shades with side track system – It is known for reducing the heat at the edges of the shades. These kind of roller shades also blacken out the natural lights. It is good enough for readers and people who want to avoid the glare of natural light.

Balloon shade – Makes a puff when it rolls back to the uppermost layer. Suitable for draperies of the window. It is ideal for living rooms.

Cloud shades – This designer and u shaped curvy roller shades have pleats on them. They are mounted on a rod or a board. This kind of roller shade is ideal for kitchens.

Honeycomb shades – These kind of roller shades provides thermal insulation to you. In winters, it warms up your room and in summers it doesn’t let the temperature affect your premises. You can also call them as the energy savers of the house.

Final word

Words like fantastic, wow, amazing will utter from the mouth of your guest, when they see the perfect roller shade for your windows. Add a tint of style by choosing the right roller shade for your window. It should be attractive, stylish and elegant.

It should complement your décor. So, don’t want for a minute. Start analyzing your room, deciding the amount of lighting, choose the color, opt for a designer or plain roller shades and select the apt type of shades for adding a tint of elegance on your windows.

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