How To Select Curtains For Your Home?

Never underestimate/overlook the power of new sets of curtains. Often, especially when people are relocating, they tend to focus more on what new items they should furnish their homes with. People will fill their minds with the latest posh sofa sets, new oak dining tables and cosy floor carpets to mention but a few. Only after they are done with all this should they think of curtains! This ought not to be the case. Curtains are integral part of interior decor and should be taken seriously just like all other house items. More so, careful consideration should be exercised when selecting curtain for premises. So, what are these things that should be put in mind when selecting curtain for  premises?

The theme of home
The first and important, rather obvious tip, is to ensure that whatever curtains you decide to purchase match with the theme of home. Theme entails everything ranging from the colours on the walls, the thickness of the walls, the type of furniture in the room, the texture of the floor and such. Choose a curtain that compliments the taste embellished by the furniture and colours of items in the room. However, this does not mean that you have to stick to matching colours; you can pick any colour as long as it doesn’t against general colour of your room.

Fabric: thermal and lighting aspect

Secondly, when selecting curtain for premises, you should make an effort and understand how your choice is likely to affect lighting at room. Naturally, when shopping for curtains, you will be provided with variety options to choose from all of varying fabric, texture and thickness. If you are purchasing curtain for living room, be sure to avoid thick drape curtains, for bedroom, sheer curtains may also not best option due to their translucent property, especially if you like taking daylight naps over the weekends. Still on fabric, it is to be noted that different fabrics react differently when exposed to heat. Some absorbs the light while others reflect it back to the source. Always go for good quality fabric, the heavy weight fabrics like woven jacquards or linen blends. Note that, as time progresses, the fabric tends to fade and there you should always aim for the best in the market to ensure durability.

Latest looks

Naturally, things keep changing. Currently, the market is flooded with a myriad up to date curtain designs. When choosing a design, weigh you house first to ascertain where it falls. You may be living in a classic traditional house or a refined ultra modern house. Depending on how your house looks like, you should be able to choose a curtain that matches it. For people living in modern houses, there are a lot of curtains to choose from. Evidently, current trends are swiftly veering away from picky swags and flounces towards a more bespoke/tailored approach. As such, you can look for an experienced tailor to custom make well fitting curtains for you.

Length: long or short?

Length greatly matters when it comes to curtain selection. However, it is more of a personal decision than a fashion one. For living rooms, floor length styles tend to look fashionable and bring about a more luxurious feel. Sill-length drapes are also popular especially in kitchens and bathrooms and conveniently costs less. In addition, sill-length drapes work best in places where there is a radiator below. Make it personal and study your home carefully before deciding which length to go with.

Plain or patterned?

Before you decide on a pattern, it is advised that you take a good look at your house scheme first. Often, too many patterns tend to bring about a busy and distracting effect while plain patterns brings about relaxed ambience and is suitable for places where silence is needed like study rooms or even home offices. In addition, decorating using plain curtains is always much easier than when using patterned curtains which require much attentiveness and consideration for them to stand out. A simple trick to choosing the best curtain always is to look at your walls, if the walls are plain, it will be easier to decorate with either patterned or plain curtains, however, if your walls are patterned, then you have no alternative other than sticking to plain or slightly patterned curtains.


All throughout our discussion, one thing kept recurring, “the theme of home” not just with curtains; theme goes with everything you intend to use to decorate your house. Therefore, make it a personal venture to decide which theme you want for your home and go for the right curtains.

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