Methods Of Cleaning Curtains Effectively

Methods Of Cleaning Curtains Effectively – Often, curtains are the ones that are most neglected when it comes to cleaning. This is because people cannot see how dirty their curtains are. If you have kids, pets, or if you smoke, chances are your curtains have gone through quite a bit of dirt and buildup.

So what can be done about this? Here are some methods of cleaning curtains effectively.

Methods Of Cleaning Curtains Effectively

Methods Of Cleaning Curtains Effectively
1. Quick and easy

Wet down your curtain with a spray bottle, then wipe with a dry towel. This is perfect for light dust buildup or minor stains. This is the quickest way to clean curtains, so if you are tight on time, it will help get them done in no time.

2. Vacuum it up

Grab your vacuum cleaner’s hose attachment. Hold it up to your curtain and puff some air into it. This should be enough to get the dirt off of the curtains. If you think there is more buildup than huffing gets, you can spray a bit of cleaner onto the curtains before huffing them.

You can also take the nozzle end of your vacuum cleaner and spray some all-purpose cleaner on it. Then, run the nozzle from the top of the curtain down to its base. This will effectively clean out any dust or dirt collected at the top part of your curtain while still allowing you to keep the rest of your curtains intact.

2. Spot treatment

If you have stains on your curtains, try spraying the area with a small amount of window cleaner and rubbing it in lightly. You can also make your cleaners using one tablespoon of ammonia, half a cup of water, and some vinegar. Mix them all in a spray bottle, then use this to clean your curtain stains.

3. Soak it up

Draw a bath and add a cup of vinegar. Place your curtains in the tub with the curtain rings still on, so you don’t have to untangle them later. Let this soak for at least an hour before taking them out to dry.

4. Sunrays

Sunlight is one of the most effective cleaning curtains and getting rid of any buildup. Make sure to pin them up on the fence, so they get dried completely before being placed back into place, or it can lead to mold growth.

You can even choose to dry clean your curtains if you have a spare pair that you don’t mind using instead.

5. The steaming method

Steam ironing is one of the most effective ways of getting rid of any dirt or buildup on your curtains. Ensure not to let the iron touch the curtain itself, as that can cause permanent damage. Also, be careful about using too much water with this method, as it might seep through the material and create stains on your other clothes.

6. Soak it up

If you can’t find a tub to soak your curtains in, you can try the shower method. This is similar to the one above, but use a bucket instead of a tub and fill it up with water and vinegar. Soak for at least an hour before taking them out.

7. Another spot treatment

If you have trouble getting rid of stubborn stains on your curtains, try using a dry cleaner. Pour some onto a cloth and rub it into the area you need to clean.

8. Mix it up

If you want something that will get rid of dirt and leave a nice scent in its wake, mix one cup of water with one tablespoon vinegar and add in any essential oil you prefer. Add this to your spray bottle and use it as needed.

9. Make it shiny.

If you want a shiny finish on your curtains, you can try mixing one tablespoon of ammonia with a cup of water and adding it to the curtain itself. This works great if your curtains have lost their luster over time or a buildup on them.

10. Cleaning your curtain rings.

If you have metal or wooden curtain rings, they can be cleaned by soaking them in warm water and lemon juice overnight. This will eliminate any buildup and leave them sparkling clean and ready to use again.

11. Use Steam cleaner.

This is usually more effective for drapes that are heavy or velveteen drapes as it will effectively lift out stains and dirt on the fabric of your curtain. First, spray water onto your curtains, making sure to cover any soiled areas. After that, it is best to let the curtains dry for an hour or so before running them through a steam cleaner.

Curtain Cleaning Tips

  • Rotating your curtains. If you rotate the use of your curtains over time, it will help to prevent any buildup from building upon them. After a while, they can get dusty and dirty, and if they stay in the same place all the time, this will be more likely to happen.
  • For stubborn dirt, you can soak your curtains in lukewarm water and dishwashing liquid first, then rub them clean. Follow this with Method One and Method Two listed above.
  • You can cut your cleaning time in half by hanging your curtains while you clean the other parts of the room.
  • Do not soak your curtains for too long, or they will lose their color and shape.
  • You can clean several sets of curtains at once; make sure to have enough time before putting them back up.
  • For stubborn dirt, you can get a rubber dishwashing glove. Make sure it is the type that has small rubber dots on the palm to help you get into all those hard-to-reach places.
  • If you have a window rod with an intricate design, make sure to clean it before putting your curtains back up.
  • Salt and soda water is a good mixture for getting stains or dirt out of your curtains without leaving a scent behind.
  • Ensure you always check the care label on your curtain material to see if they can be machine washed. This is especially important if you have children or pets that might get into the curtains and mess them up.
  • When you wash your curtains in a machine, make sure that they are inside out and in a net bag. This is to prevent any damage that might be done during the cycle.

Methods Of Cleaning Curtains Effectively – Conclusion

 Methods Of Cleaning Curtains Effectively

Curtains are often one of the most looked at features in a home, so they must be kept clean and look good. Cleaning curtains can seem like a daunting task, but with these methods, you can reduce the time it takes to clean them without sacrificing too much on the results.

Best of all, your curtains will look cleaner for longer, ensuring that you do not need to clean them as often.

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