Motorised Blinds In Singapore – Benefits, Myths And Conceptions

In the recent times, one particular type of blind has witnessed a fast rise in its admiration. This is the motorised blinds (or remote-controlled blinds. With the technological advancements, the popularity of motorized blinds comes as a no surprise. This type of window blinds has widened its market to an extent that most people in Singapore have decided to embrace the remote controlled blinds over the conventional ones.

Easy, Convenient and Favourable during Sunny Days

So, what could be a possible reason why motorized blinds from Roller blinds have become a favorite among the Singapore consumers?

Well, for several years now, the blinds have only been popular with offices. But in the recent few years, they have found their way into our homes. The main reason, probably, is because the blinds are really convenient and much easier to use.

Many buildings and most homes here in Singapore have been making use of conventional blinds to prevent sunlight from penetrating through to their rooms, especially during the sunny seasons.

The fact that Singapore always experiences long sunny periods throughout the year, it makes blinds an essential component for homes.

This significance is further enhanced by the point that most homes have been built in areas where trees are not available to offer shade. Also, the windows in most of Singapore homes are relatively large, thus the need for blinds.
The motorised blinds are mainly preferred by many homeowners in Singapore because of their ease of use features.

Uses Remote Control and Easy To Install

All that is required is to switch the blinds (by using the remote control) and the blinds will automatically adjust. You can actually do this from the comfort of your bed, where you don’t have to get up.

This not only makes the motorized blinds convenient, but it also ensures that the blinds can be operated from any part of the room. To make it even better; these blinds do not use cords and strings like the traditional manual blinds.
The cords are disadvantageous, especially in a home with children, where they can hurt themselves with the cords and strings. This is an advantage with the motorized blinds – they don’t pose any danger to your children.

The benefits do not end there. Motorised blinds are easy to install. You don’t have to hire a professional to help you with the installation. These blinds come with easy-to-understand guidelines, instructions and explanations.

All you need is to take the measurements of the blinds, then drill in holes on your wall. From there, use the screws (which came with the blinds) to fix them in the right position. After that, use the remote control to test if they function properly.

Myths and Misconceptions

In Singapore, there are weird myths about the motorized blinds, where some people claim that the blinds consume a lot of power. This is unfortunate.

The truth of the matter is that these motorized blinds use very little power. As a matter of fact, the homeowner rarely notices an increase in electric bills. So, don’t let anyone discourage you from acquiring one of these blinds.

The second misleading myth is that motorised blinds are costly, and that they are meant for the affluent people in the society. This is completely wrong. Actually, anyone can afford these blinds.

Okay, the truth is that such blinds are a bit higher than the contemporary curtains. But when you compare the kind of benefits associated with the motorized ones, then you appreciate the prices, which is totally worth it.

The third misconception is that these blinds pose a great risk to the homeowners and their families. For example, children might be electrocuted while playing – or something like that.

Well, unlike what most people think, these motor-powered blinds are kept in safe positions, where they won’t readily hurt your children. These are some of the aspects the manufacturers considered before releasing the blinds to the market.

In Conclusion

When it comes to purchasing the right motorized blind, you ought to consider things like design, size, color and prices. At there are quite a number of motorised blinds to choose from.
With the available designs and different colors, you are guaranteed to find the best set that will match your taste.

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