Pros & Cons On Motorized Blinds

Window treatment is probably the most flexible home décor option available. There are an endless options and colours when it comes to motorized blinds which ensures that each one of us will have something to choose. Blinds comes in all manners of design and textures and when they are motorized, the game changes entirely.

It is important to note that blinds can only be motorized for the tilt aspect only. This is because wood blinds tend to be too heavy for the small motors to lower and lift them. Motorizing blinds allows you to open and close them from a distance and also to access recessed that you are not able to reach easily. In most cases, the motors used in controlling window blinds are operated by eight AA batteries and these batteries should be replaced after every one or two years. Let us look at some pros and cons of motorized window blinds.


– Reduced hazards

One of the greatest dangers of installing traditional blinds is that the children are exposed to various injuries in their attempts to play with the cords. There has been incidences where children have died as a result of these cords. Therefore considering the fact that motorized have no cords, then your children will be safe. You will not have to consider having shorter cords, putting furniture to hide the potential danger or to limit the movement of children in the house. By just touching the button, you can adjust the amount of light in the house, open the blinds or close them depending on the targeted outcome.

– More options for enjoying the skylight

Controlling the amount of light in the house is what everyone would desire. Sometimes to get optimum lighting, you will need to use the windows that are very high for you to reach. Using other means to reach them every now and then is very tiring and time wasting. However, with motorized blinds, the high windows will serve you adequately because you just need a remote or a button to operate them.

– Enjoy variety

We have already stated that windows blinds are possibly the most versatile home décor available. There are very many options to choose from. There are fabric blinds, faux wood and wood, aluminium, vertical, composite as well as horizontal blinds.

– Different price and style options

Another great advantage of window blinds is that they come in different prices for people with different levels of income. It is possible to get a blind that is very specific to your needs in terms of styles and degree of customization. Before buying blinds for your house, it would be appropriate to speak to an expert in this field who will advise you on the best options of the blinds as well as the right sizes and the best method of controlling light.

– Take control of the atmosphere inside the house

Motorized blinds will let you use a number of ways to control the interior atmosphere. Some of the automatic systems will use hand held remote control while others will use wall switches. By use of these means, you can easily manipulate or control your preferences in terms of lighting. It is also possible to program the shades such that they will automatically adjust to respond to the changing intensity of the light during the day. Automation is a good way to improve your comfort whether it is done at home or in the office.

Cons of motorized blinds

In as much as the motorized blinds comes with so many merits, they also come with some downside side.

Failed motor- sometimes the motor may fail and when that happens, you may be left stuck until such a time an expert will come to repair them. You will also notice that depending on the specific type and style of blind that you are using, the repair work could prove somehow expensive. The number of blinds that you have installed will also determine the cost of repair.

In most cases, motorized blinds are operated using individual motors. Sometimes you are going to experience multiple failures and this will be a big problem. Other times, a number of blinds will be operated by a single motor and this means that when the motor fails, all the blinds will get stuck and this will be a bigger problem.

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