Pros & Cons On Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are one of the best window treatments that can help bring a unique ambiance and charm to any room. The natural appearance of wooden blinds helps add character to any room setting and creates a natural environment in a given space. In addition, using these blinds will not only provide better insulation than traditional blinds and help diffuse natural light in your home, but also maintain proper privacy too. However, if you are planning to buy wooden blinds for your home, condo or apartment, learning about the pros and cons of wooden blinds will help you choose the best options that can suit your needs and taste.

The Pros

Unique: Different wood species such as bass wood, pecan, oak, chestnut, maple, walnut, pine and mahogany are used to make wooden blinds. Each of these wood species tends to take on a distinctive colour, flair and quality when finished. The grain patterns on these blinds are completely different from each other and absorb stain colours to varying degrees. Each slat on every blind will have its unique characteristics, thereby every blind different and unique.

Easy to clean: One of the greatest benefits of wooden blinds is that it requires low maintenance. Blinds made of wood are finished with a clear wood sealer that does not allow dust or dirt to get trapped in the pores. To clean wood blinds without removing them from the window, you are required to simply dust, vacuum or wipe the blinds with clean cloth periodically to help them look clean and fresh for extended periods of time.

Long-Lasting: Blinds are usually made of high quality wood and tend to last for years if they are installed and maintained properly. Wooden window blinds are essentially sturdy and can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Blocks Light Efficiently: Installing wooden blinds is a great way to block unwanted light from entering a particular room or given space. Blinds made of wood tend to absorb and reflect the heat and ultraviolet rays of the sun, helping block natural light efficiently.

Provide Complete Privacy: A practical advantage of wood blinds is that these blinds help minimizes the ability to view an inner space from outside. These blinds are a great option for people who prefer complete privacy indoors.

The Cons

Resiliency: A great drawback of wood blinds is that it absorbs moisture from the air around it and tends to bend, wrap or rot eventually due to the humid environment. These blinds are therefore not a good option for high humidity areas such as kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms or any other wet areas of your home. In addition, using these blinds in spaces inhabited by small children or pets is strictly not recommended.

Installation: The fact that wood blinds are sturdy, installing them and moving them from one window to the other can prove to be a difficult task.

Special Maintenance: One of the disadvantages of wood blinds is that they tend to rot or become disfigured if they are not maintained properly. Therefore, treating them with protective products such as wood oil regularly is essential to maintain them and increase their life span.

Delicate: Another con of wood blinds is that this type of window treatment is quite delicate and can crack or break if they are not handled carefully.

Price: Although wood is a natural and inexpensive product, wooden blinds are more expensive when compared to metal, plastic, honeycomb or faux wood blinds. The cost per square foot of window surface covered is usually higher when compared to other types of window treatments. In fact, wooden blinds can cost double the price of plastic or aluminium blinds.

Wooden blinds fit easily in both traditional and contemporary room styles. The fact that the appearance of these blinds can be altered by simply painting or restraining the slats, it makes it easy for a homeowner to change the look of the blinds, each time the room is decorated. Wood blinds can be purchased from high end home stores or many decorating house. Most home improvement stores also provide you with the option of customizing wooden blinds to suit your requirements. So if you one of those looking for window treatment that offers quality, style and versatility, wooden blinds prove to be the perfect option.

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