Reasons Why You Should Choose Roller Blinds

Every home or office needs windows to let in natural light as well as fresh air for proper ventilation. Most windows, however, need an ideal covering to keep out excessive light and to guard one’s privacy.

In Singapore’s tropical climate — marked by humidity, heat, and an abundance of sunshine — choosing the right window covering for a home or office is essential. While curtains were the most popular choice of window covering in Singapore for decades, particularly for homes, the growing popularity of roller blinds are a testament to their practical and aesthetic advantages. 

Here we list some reasons that make roller blinds an ideal choice for Singaporeans in search of the perfect window covering.

10 Reasons to Choose Roller Blinds 

• Easy to install and dismantle – The defining characteristic of roller blinds is simplicity. This includes to methods of installation and dismantling. The installation of most roller blinds is as simple as a couple of fixture brackets and screws. All you have to do is drill a little, fasten the fixtures with screws, and hang your blinds. 

• Easy to operate and maintain – Roller blinds will spare you the complications of pulling on long curtain cords, which tend to get tangled or frayed. Usually operated via a simple control chain, roller blinds can also be motorised and operated via a remote control.

Easy to clean – One of the most wonderful things about roller blinds is that they are so easy to clean. There’s no need to periodically take them down and send them off to the laundry or dry cleaners. Most roller blinds simply need regular wiping, dusting, and the occasional use of a vacuum cleaner. Stains can usually be removed with a damp cloth.

This ease in cleaning is particularly suited to Singapore’s humid climate, which encourages the growth of mould and bacteria. Curtains, by comparison, require elaborate cleaning which consumes both time and money. 

• Easy on the wallet – Another advantage of roller blinds is their reasonable cost. A good set of roller blinds does not need to cost a fortune. For those who are setting up a new home or office, roller blinds can add a great deal of comfort at a budget-friendly cost.

• Great designs – Aesthetically, roller blinds are neat, elegant, sleek and stylish. They are available in all kinds of designs to suit every taste, from minimalist neutral shades, to tasteful floral motifs and modernist geometric patterns.

Perfect fit – Roller blinds are usually made to measure, thus ensuring a perfect fit for your windows and a fine balance to your home or office. 

Space efficient – Roller blinds take up much less space than curtains. In Singapore, where space is limited, a few extra square feet of space in your home or office can make all the difference.

Good for the health – Roller blinds contribute to a healthy lifestyle in several ways. They reduce the build up of dust and mould, unlike curtains, which tend to gather dust and can be a breeding ground for bacteria.

Let in or cut out the light – Roller blinds are designed to soften light, prevent glare, and reduce the sun’s heat. They are the ideal window covering to moderate the harsh rays of Singapore’s tropical sun. Blackout roller blinds designed to keep out as much light as possible are a great choice for bedrooms, while sunscreen roller blinds are perfect for rooms with a view, such as living rooms.

Cherish your privacy – Roller blinds offer the greatest amount of privacy when it comes to blinds. If you live in a high-rise, as many Singaporeans do, it is important to guard one’s privacy from the inhabitants of the next high-rise. While we cherish our neighbours, we should also cherish our privacy. 

Rooms Where Roller Blinds Work Wonders

Roller blinds are incredibly versatile, and work wonders in a variety of spaces. Here’s a list of rooms where roller blinds work well: 

Bedroom – Blackout roller blinds are a perfect choice for the privacy of the bedroom, where one wants to keep out excessive light and the glare of the sun.

Living Room – Sunscreen roller blinds are an excellent option for living rooms, reducing the heat, glare and UV rays without completely blocking out light or view.

• Bathroom – Water resistant roller blinds are a good choice for bathrooms. Blackout roller blinds offer maximum privacy, while light-filtering roller blinds guard privacy while still allowing in some natural light.

• Kitchen – Sunscreen fabrics are an ideal solution for kitchens, allowing in natural light and some view while keeping out the glare of the sun.

• Study or Library – Light-filtering fabrics are a good choice for a study, while blackout fabrics are a wonderful option for a library where books need to be protected from potentially damaging sunlight. 

• Office – Blackout, light-filtering, or sunscreen roller blinds offer great solutions for offices, depending on the amount of privacy and natural light one desires.