Roller Blind Installation For Your Home

When considering window treatments, the trend has been to consider and eventually go for blinds and shades instead of curtains and draperies. There have been two main reasons why curtains and draperies have declined in popularity, to the advantage of blinds and shades. For practical reasons, curtains and draperies have been relegated to second choice. They are simply difficult to maintain and it is a task to keep them clean.

Furthermore, since they are made out of cloth, they tend to absorb all smells present in the room. Thus, they need to be laundered every so often, especially if they are in rooms where tobacco smoke is present. Also, they look bulky and make the whole room feel stuffy. With climate change gearing towards extreme conditions, curtains and draperies tend to look out of place especially during very hot summers.

Curtain window treatments are still certainly favored for rooms that need to exude a stately and formal image. The trend with designing living spaces these days would be to make areas warm yet casual, well put together yet a bit quirky, and elegant yet cozy. Thus, blinds have taken over as the window treatment of choice among more homes these days.

When shopping for blinds, you may be the kind of shopper who focuses first on aesthetics rather than technical aspects like measurements and quality of stitching. If you are the aesthetic-conscious kind of shopper, you need to make sure that you will incorporate the design theme of the entire space. Blinds can be a good unifying piece to put together the colors and textures of the decorative pieces in a room. But after considering the look of the blinds, make sure that you also get the blind with the right measurement. You would not want to install blinds that are too long or too short for your window.

When getting the perfect blinds for your home, look for something that would be reasonably priced. If your budget allows you to go with an expensive product, then by all means, try to buy it. Otherwise, you need to remember that, just like with other things, you get what you pay for. Cheap blinds may only last you for a couple of years, and eventually, the colors may get tarnished, or some of the parts may come off.

Moreover, blinds that are too cheap may be difficult to install and may unravel anytime. But you do not need to worry as even blinds of the highest quality are still more affordable even when compared to other window treatments like draperies and curtains. As they are quite affordable, you may even afford to buy two sets so that you can change the treatment of your window, for example, once a year.

There are so many different blinds made out of a lot of different materials – bamboo, plastic, fabric, reed, and wood among others. Choose from these materials to make your blinds blend with the theme of the room you are going to install them on.

Tips for Selecting the right Blinds for Your Home

For many homeowners, blinds might not be the first priority in their home improvement budget. But window coverings are a necessity in any house, whether you want to provide some privacy for your family or just give your home the finishing touches that have been missing.

Although the money you spend on blinds can vary, they are an investment that requires careful consideration before you even leave your home.

So throw what you thought you knew about blinds out the window and consider these basic tips before you purchase them.

What’s Your Perfect Match?

Before you order your blinds, you’ll need to dig deep to discover what you really want. Write down your answers to these questions before you do anything else. And use a pencil, just to be on the safe side!


Will you need blinds for your entire house, just one room or a number in between? Cost is definitely a consideration here, so look at the number that will best fit into your budget aor set a realistic timeline for covering all your windows.

How long or wide do your blinds need to be to fit your windows? Remember, width is actually listed first on window sizes.


Would you like your blinds to be vertical or horizontal? What kind of material? There are tons of options here, and more arriving on the market all the time, so take note of the styles that catch your eye and keep an open mind.

Mounting system

Would you like your blinds to be mounted inside your window frame? An important consideration here is whether small children will be around the blinds. In that case, look at the cordless styles or use a cord cleat that brings the continuous cord loop back into the top of the blind to avoid any potential dangers.


Which hues work best for your home? Don’t underestimate the impact the right – or wrong – blinds will make in your overall décor, and think about how they will match your trim.

Measure Up

Have you ever ordered blinds, only to discover that the size you received isn’t quite right? If so, you’re not alone. Few people have learned the surprisingly simple guidelines for measuring their windows for inside-mount blinds. No house is perfectly square, and as a result, bowed trim might cause the width of your windows to vary from point to point. Avoid this potential pitfall by measuring the width of the top, middle and bottom of the inside of the window. Use the smallest of the three measurements as your width when ordering. As you’ve probably learned from past mistakes, knowing your windows’ length isn’t as important as having the correct width.

You Can Do It

What is the good news about purchasing new blinds for your home? Installation is easy, even if you aren’t a die-hard do-it-yourselfer. If you can read directions, you can install blinds. Brackets and instructions are included with the blinds, so the only thing you’ll need is an electric screwdriver and a little time.

So open your mind – and your windows! Write a list of what you want in your dream blinds, dig out that tape measure, and get started on giving your home the privacy and polished look it deserves with window blinds.

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