Roller Blinds Vs Timber Blind

Roller Blinds Vs Timber Blind – Choosing the premium quality of blinds for your home can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home. It happens to be a real game-changer. There are two primary categories of blinds, which include rollers and Timber.

Each of them comes with its pros and cons. Choosing between the roller blinds and Timber blinds appear to be a difficult task for many people. They need to take different factors, such as privacy, cleaning the blinds, cost into account.

This write-up throws some light on the differences between Roller blinds vs timber blind. Here are some of the primary differences between roller blinds vs timber blind:

Ease of cleaning

Roller Blinds Vs Timber Blind

It is possible to clean both the roller blinds and the Timber blinds at ease. You can wipe down the roller blinds with the aid of the damp cloth. Speaking of Timber blinds, it is necessary to wipe each slat off.

Hence, cleaning them takes more time, You can put both the blinds into a bathtub, filled with soapy and warm water to enjoy deep cleaning. However, you should ensure that the glue, adhering to the roller to the blinds does not get loosened.


For controlling the amount of light, entering through the windows during day time, choose the Timber blinds. Closing and opening the slats regularly helps in the adjustment of the amount of light. However, rays of light slip through the cracks.

To prevent the entry of light during day and night, you can go for the roller blinds. Some people consider leaving them wide open.


Roller Blinds Vs Timber Blind

Each roller and Timber blinds come with amazing user experience. Timber blinds are considered to be heavier, in comparison to the roller blinds. So, they are the ideal choice for homes with more space. You can purchase roller blinds or Timber blinds for windows of any size.

Roller blinds are known to be tight fitting. In addition to this, they take reduced space, as compared to the Timber ones. People who do not want any obstruction in the window views should choose the roller blinds without a second thought.

Homeowners roll them up and thus there are no obstacles to the outside view. Hence, they are regarded as a practical choice for the windows.


Well, it depends on the way, you care for these blinds. The materials, used for the construction of such roller blinds are highly durable. With the prerequisite care, you can make sure that they will last for several years.

Several Timber blinds are composed of materials of high excellence.

However, the primary issue lies in the slats. In case each of the slats breaks, you will be successful in finding the replacement. In case you fail to find the replacement, you need to replace the whole set.

However, with the right care and maintenance, the blinds last for several years.


Roller Blinds Vs Timber Blind

You might be wondering which blind will go well with the decor of the home. Both the blinds can boost the curb appeal of your home. Timber blinds tend to introduce a specific amount of decadence to the room.

This is a classic style of blind, adding to the elegance of the room. Roller blinds are available in a bunch of patterns. They are the focal point of the room. It depends on the pattern, you selected. It is possible to make an amazing style statement by choosing the roller blinds.

Color options

It is possible to find both types of blinds in different varieties of colors. But, it is hard to get the Timber blinds in bold colors. The majority of the Timber blinds are found in neutral and wood tones. It is easy to find the roller blinds in different kinds of colors, like greens, grey, blues, red.

The price

Roller Blinds Vs Timber Blind

The price of the blinds depends on different factors. Some of these factors include the size, the amount required, and the type of quality, for which you should pay. You will find that both the roller and Timber blinds are available in a wide assortment of styles, sizes, and prices.

It is recommended to spend some extra money on the blinders. Thus, you can be assured that these blinds are going to last for several years.

Roller Blinds Vs Timber Blind – Conclusion

To create a difference in the look and feel of your room, the blinds play an integral role. They play an integral role in enhancing the beauty of your home. They also offer an improved look to your home.

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