The Pros and Cons of Roller Blinds

The use of roller blinds is becoming a trend in the windows designing. This is because they are able to bring a perfect outlook of the house when matched with other interior design items. The roller blinds have a lot of advantages for your home other than making it look cozy. This article seeks to explain some of the advantages and disadvantages of installing them. They are commonly used for insulation at homes from the harmful UV rays. They also offer privacy in the homes and provides a beautiful appearance in the room.

Pros of installing roller blinds

They are durable

They are made of strong steel. this gives them the advantage of taking a very long time without getting spoil. The fabrics that are used to make them are of high quality too. They are free from fading despite the strong UV rays that hit them. They, therefore, are economical for you.

Easy to operate

The choice you have for your roller blinds is important. They can be made of either of springs or fully motorized chain drive. When you connect the roller blinds altogether the operation gets easier. This is because all of them can get moved at the same time. You do not have to attend to each at a time. This saves on your time.

Are attractive

It is the joy of every homeowner to keep their homes attractive. The roller blind comes in different patterns and colors. When that blends well, they make your home so attractive. They fit your windows very well before there are no excess fabrics hanging.

They are affordable

The cost of buying the roller blinds is effective. They are at the same time easy to install and thus you do not have to incur extra installation costs. They are easy to clean minimizing the amount of cash that would have been spent on dry cleaning.

They have maximum control of light

Once you have installed the roller blinds for your windows, you can be able to control the amount of light that enters the room. This can be by fully opening to allow full lighting, opening them half way or just slightly depending on the amount that you want. The positioning of the rollers at the top of the window allows the fabrics attached to it to fall well. This is what makes controlling the light entering easier to manage.

Safe for homes with kids

They have features that keep the kids safe. The cordless aspect is the key feature here. They come in a variety of ways in which you can be able to customize them. Apart from being cordless, they can also be continuously looped or may have the smart pull option.

They ensure privacy for your home

Covering your windows keeps off the nosy people that would be tempted to peep through and see the inside. There are those who might be spying and the next minute you get attacked. You can do your stuff confidently by the window as privacy is taken care of. Installing them for your home is therefore essential for privacy purposes.

They are flexible

The purpose of installing the roller blinds may vary. At the time of purchase, you may want to use them on light permitting fabrics and as time goes the need to use heavier ones arises. You do not go your way out and buy others. You just have to change according to your desired specifications. They are therefore the best because they are designed to suit all your lighting needs.

They come in a wide variety

The designs and patterns for the roller blinds are different. Nobody will force you to purchase something that is not exciting to you. The wide range you provides you with options to choose your favorite design from. you only have to choose what satisfies your heart. The colors that you choose should be able to match your interior design decor.

They are good insulators

They are important controllers of heat inside the room. You can choose to choose fabrics that have a high tendency to reflect light back. This helps keep the materials inside the house safe from the harmful rays. For the chosen fabric to maintain its color, it should possess UV inhibitor characteristics.


Not suitable for windows that are narrow

They only go well with wide windows. Small ones leave most part of it not being utilized. That is why you should consider the size of your window before buying. This, therefore, is a limitation for a person whose house is already built and the windows were designed with certain shapes or too small.

The fabrics used have a maximum width

This is a limitation in the case where you may want to use more than the maximum measurement. The size of the windows is different. Taking once maximum width is thus unsuitable for all windows. Other windows are smaller than that. Much of it, therefore, is wasted.

Unsuitable for rooms with moisture

There are rooms in the house that contain a lot of moisture. These may be the kitchen or the bathroom. When the moisture is present, it may tend to get to the fabrics and cause molding on it. This destroys its elegance and keeps the room stuffy. They are therefore limited to rooms with no moisture.

They require regular cleaning and care

The rollers require that you clean them regularly to keep your home safe. This calls for a lot of work. They may also fail which means that they require replacement. The repair is another unplanned expense. They, therefore, need to be taken good care of.

In conclusion, installing the roller blinds for your home is a good thing. This is seen from the many pros as opposed to the cons. Nevertheless, their installation has got limitations although much of them come with the Maintenance of the already installed device. Taken good care of the rollers not only makes the room attractive but also controls the light getting into it and the lighting of the house.

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