Top 7 Ways On How To Match Curtains With Blinds For Condo (Updated)

If you are a homeowner in Singapore, then installing window blinds and curtains is one of the most efficient and easiest ways to change the aesthetic appearance of room in your Condo instantly. Typically, whether you are concerned about the elegance of your home, there are several reasons as to why most Singaporeans like matching curtains with blinds.

Some of them include the following:

• A perfect match brings full esthetics to the condo

• They are ideal for controlling the amount of light entering the room

• They are ideal for homeowners who are concerned with enjoying complete privacy

Curtains are easy to clean and maintain

• They are the perfect choose for fresh air circulation and room ventilation

• Custom interior blinds and window curtains are durable and built to last

• Curtains and blinds are excellent in protecting direct sunlight from your carpets and furniture. Therefore, they are highly applauded for helping preserve the life of your carpets and furniture

• Besides covering openings (for instance, Windows) in a Condo, blinds and curtains can as well be used as cabinetry or room dividers. Indeed, they can be installed niches and cutouts in your Condo

• And much more

That being said, it is no secret how blinds or curtains can change the feel and look of a Condo room dramatically. However, how about a scenario where the above two are paired together? Typically, the question as to whether blinds and curtains work together as been consistently asked in various home improvement forums in Singapore. Nevertheless, the answer is a big YES. Indeed, when paired, the duo can bring out an incredible appearance, flexible décor, and ensures adequate blocking of light and advanced levels of privacy control.

Inherently, matching your curtains and blinds to suit your Condo’s interior can sometimes feel like a daunting and challenging task. In most cases, many homeowners are faced with the challenge of coming up with a perfect blend of blinds and curtains, yet it does not have to be. Nevertheless, if the above has been your great concern, then worry no more as the good news is unveiled herein.
Incredible tips on how to match curtains with blinds for Condo

With a little bit of know-how and equipped with some tips on your side, you will soon be in a better position to achieve the perfect look you have always been desiring with your chosen window improvement treatment plan to help it fit in with the rest of the space in the in the Condo.

Here are some of the incredible style guidelines to adhere to get the look just right:

Matching curtains with blinds
Matching curtains with blinds

#1. Think about your expectations from the window treatments in the condo spaces

The above tip might sound a bit strange, but the truth of the matter is that the requirements you will have for your blinds or curtains may differ significantly from room to room. In other words, before choosing a particular blend of blind and curtain, it is critical that you need to think about the work that you need to them to accomplish. For instance, you might be interested in ultimate privacy in a bathroom, shades in the living room, darkness in the bedroom, and so on. Therefore, knowing what exactly you want /need from your window treatments from the onset will make the entire process much easier.

#2. Choose the right blind first

When matching blinds and curtains together, it is ideal to consider the blind you want for the window first. Typically, the most common styles of blinds currently available in the market include Venetian blinds and roller blinds. These blind types are highly recommended since they pair well with curtains and the fact that, they provide an essential, solid bunch of colors to work with. Consequently, it is imperative to pay maximum attention to the fabric and color selections, and how these work together in the Condo.

Aluminum and timber tend to be some of the most famous blind materials. Indeed, for those people are concerned with a natural look in the space, then wood blinds are ideal since they feature warm colors and match well with curtains that poses the similar attributes.

#3. Consider the different options available for curtains

Just like blinds, there are different curtains in the market to choose from. Whether you opt for quality texture, size, and so on, it is important to think about the material and the length regarding formality and thickness of a curtain.

#4. Look around to find the latest styles and trends

If you desire to keep up-to-date with some of the most recent window treatment trends, then it is highly prudent that you need to look around before you making a commitment to buying blinds and curtains. Think about the textures and colors that are currently trending and how you can work them into your Condo space. Typically, blinds and curtains are the finest way to add a pop of seasonal statement color into your Condo without having to change too much.

#5. Take a look at the textures and colors already existing in the condo

Installing curtains with blinds
Installing curtains with blinds

Suppose the décor in your Condo is bright and bold. In that case, it is highly advisable that you need to consider ways in which you can incorporate a window treatment into the Condo without taking clashing or taking the edge off. However, this does not necessarily mean that you have to opt automatically for plain or neutral blinds/curtains. Instead, you are advised to choose the primary color from your scheme, and then go brave and bold by adding a window treatment that exactly matches it. Nevertheless, if it is too bright, keep them simple and plain!

#6. Consider the size as well as the shape of your windows

Apart from considering how the window treatment plan will go with rest of décor, it is also important to think about how it will look like on your windows. Therefore, the size and the shape of the windows play a crucial role. Indeed, you must buy blinds and curtains that perfectly fit the size and shape of the window.

#7. March the blind and curtain color with the rod color

As with matching accessories to your blinds and curtains, it is also important that the hardware complements the window dressing as well. Once you have chosen the colors of blinds and curtains, it is advisable that you specify the exact tints for the curtain rods, just to ensure that all of them match appropriately.


When it is the time to retreat in your space, condo owners want to be in a better position to control the effects of curious eyes as well as sunlight without completely feeling cut off. Besides that, homeowners want their rooms to become softer, brighter, or even dynamic. Indeed, a perfect matching of blinds and curtains can help to achieve the above objective.

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