Embrace Flexibility That Comes With Different Types Of Blinds

When it comes to interior designs, everything matters. All things starting from the furniture, to the floor, to the walls, to the windows need to be well catered for so as to enhance balance. Windows apart from serving the purpose of bringing in air and light, also greatly contribute to how exquisite your home will look like. Nowadays people prefer blinds more compared to curtains credit to their flexibility, durability and inexpensiveness. However, partially due to unawareness, many people are accustomed to using only Roller blinds. In this article, we will be discussing briefly about different types of blinds.

Roller Blinds
These are the most popular type of window blinds. They are incredibly practical and quite long lasting. Roller Blinds exist in different sizes, colours and designs all made from different materials. They have a roller which can be rolled up to leaving the window visible and rolled down to cover the window.

Roller blinds are further categorised into different categories based on their function, and include:

· Block out Roller Blinds- Block out Roller Blinds is mostly suited for bedrooms and home cinemas. They guarantee total privacy by blocking out light and heat from penetrating through, credit to their unique fabric. In addition, they can be used to protect furniture and flooring in the house that easily gets affected by the sun.

· Translucent Roller Blinds- commonly used in living area where light considerable amount of light is needed. They are quite useful and even importantly guarantee privacy by letting in light without allowing someone from outside to see what’s going on inside the room.

· Transparent Roller Blinds- best suited for places where both visibility and light are needed. Mostly kitchens, living rooms and study rooms.

· Screen Roller Blinds- they are made with special fabric that is capable of regulating the amount of heat and light penetrating through in to the room. They are best suited for places where one needs peace while indulging in their favourite escapades such as reading a novel or watching a movie.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds are also popular owing to their refreshing design. They suit well in all rooms and serve nearly all purpose; regulation of light and heat, providence of privacy to mention but a few. They are designed using horizontal slates which attached to one another. The slates can be rotated to partially or completely leave the window open. In addition, they can be further pulled up leaving the window completely without a blind. To many, Venetian Blinds are extremely stylish and somewhat versatile in design and add touch of class to any home.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds are indeed one of the most elegant choice when it comes to window blinds. They are unique and completely different from other types of blinds. Fairly like the Venetian Blinds, Vertical blinds can also be used to let light and heat get inside the room as well as completely block them from penetrating through to the room. However, Vertical Blinds lack practicality; especially to windows that open and close on the inside.

Roman Blinds

Initially, Roman Blinds were commonly used in offices and other open building. Nowadays though, they are slowly penetrating into residential buildings. They are characterised by beautiful drapes which are visible when lowered. In addition, when roman blinds are rolled up, they usually form horizontal folds which are equally beautiful. Whenever they are used, they never miss you show their exquisiteness and uniqueness.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor Blinds are these type of blinds designed specifically to be used in outdoor settings. Mostly transparent or translucent; and they serve well in places such as outdoor decks, and any open shelter close to the main house. They are available in different designs, sizes, shapes and colours. Chiefly, they are used for privacy purposes, neatness, and physical well being especially in places where one likes to seek tranquillity and also for protection against harmful UV rays. Outdoor Blinds often require an experienced technician to install them and since they are outside, they also need considerable care to enhance their durability.

Bamboo Blinds

Bamboo Blinds are also a type of window blinds of any design but made using bamboo or wooden material. They look quite amazing and are often easier to maintain. They are inexpensive and match all home decors setting whether it’s traditional or contemporary. They also serve the same purpose as other window blinds including, regulating the heat and light, providing privacy and embellishing your home.


When purchasing window Blinds, be sure to get professional help in regards to which type will suit perfectly with your type of house. In addition, only deal with dealers that have the manpower to install the blinds for you after selling them to you. Finally, take good care of the blinds and ensure that you are using them as instructed to ensure durability.

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