What Are The Most Durable Type Of Blinds?

What Are The Most Durable Type Of Blinds? Blinds are a stylish and important part of a home’s décor. Moreover, they can filter light, block weather, and provide privacy. Also, they come in a variety of styles, sizes, and price points.

However, not all kinds of blinds are durable. So, you have to consider durability when buying them. This post provides you with a list of durable blinds. It means they are made from high-quality materials. And, you can clean them with ease. These kinds of blinds are a good choice for all rooms in your house.

What Are The Most Durable Type Of Blinds?

Wood blinds

What Are The Most Durable Type Of Blinds?

Many people choose real wood blinds to give their homes a natural and attractive look. Basswood blinds will not show any signs of chipping, fading, and warping. Wood blinds are easy to install into your home. Moreover, some of them come with hole punches on each slat. You can slide out each of them for deep cleaning.

Roller blinds

The best roller blind for your window or door makes your living space attractive. If you want to keep things simple and clean, roller blinds are the right choice. This kind of blind consists of a rolling mechanism that rolls it up when the blinds are up. Also, they are durable and easy to clean.

Cordless blinds

These coverings are available in a variety of options: from real wood to mini blinds. They are durable and require less maintenance. Moreover, they have fewer parts. This is why there are fewer chances of breaking. Cordless blinds are the most preferred ones in environments with pets and kids.

Roman blinds 

What Are The Most Durable Type Of Blinds?

While they might be old-fashioned, roman blinds are back in fashion as of now. These kinds of blinds consist of a piece of material. And, you can pull them up by using a cord. The simplicity in design makes the roman blinds durable.

Moreover, they are easy to care for. If you love the classy look, this should be the right choice. You will not encounter draping and dust issues. It is different from regular drapes or curtains.

Cellular blinds

What Are The Most Durable Type Of Blinds?

They are popular for their light-filtering ability. Cellular blinds have a honeycomb-style design. Controlling light is now easier with these kinds of blinds. Moreover, it has low maintenance, and cleaning them is easy.

Their simple design makes them sit tightly in doors and windows. Apart from that, they are perfect for homes with pets and kids. They do not touch the floor. So, they remain free from dust.

Mini blinds

They are similar to regular blinds that you see often. However, they have small slats and creates small vertical lines. As such, they make an elegant look. You can clean them with ease by using a simple dust wipe.

Crafted from durable materials, they last for many years. Apart from that, you can buy mini blinds with more durability features. This includes cordless construction.

Faux wood blinds

If you are planning to buy a durable blind that lasts for several years, faux wood blinds are the right choice. Faux wood blinds are very strong and easy to clean. This is because of their rigid surface. However, faux wood blinds take things further compared to hardwood blinds.

They are resistant to changing humidity and temperatures. Therefore, if you need blinds that will stay in good shape, faux wood blinds are perfect for you. It is a good investment for people looking for durable products.

Bamboo blinds

What Are The Most Durable Type Of Blinds?

There is no question that bamboo blinds provide durability. And, it has an attractive appeal. Bamboo is the most sustainable and eco-friendly home décor option that you can find on the market. Hence, you will feel good when you install them in your home.

Bamboo is extremely strong and adaptable to unique climates. Moreover, bamboo is more durable compared to maple or red oak. Bamboo blinds provide a natural and stylish look.

Pleated blinds

These kinds of blinds are made from polyester fabric that provides bright light and allows free-flowing air. Pleated blinds provide you with the same feel and warmth that you get from conventional fabric coverings. However, they have an aesthetic finish and are more durable.

The polyester fabric is easy to clean. You can dust, vacuum, or spot-clean the blind with ease. Moreover, they do not have shaping or draping issues that you find on normal fabric. Most importantly, pleated blinds are cord-free. And, that makes it safe for kids.

Zebra blinds 

They are popular with people who love to allow a little light without compromising their privacy. Zebra blinds are light and inviting. This type of blind consists of lightweight fabric vanes. And, they go between two sheer panels and creates a zebra-like appearance.

This is how they got their name. Zebra blinds look like horizontal blinds. Another interesting feature of most zebra blinds is that you can operate them by remote control. As a result, they provide effortless luxury with low maintenance.

Vertical blinds

They are low maintenance and easy to clean blinds that bring a simple, classic look to your rooms. Cleaning the vertical blinds is very easy. You can dust them, use a vacuum, or wipe them with a clean cloth.

If you are looking for a floor-to-ceiling blind for your larger windows, vertical blinds are the best option. Moreover, they have minimal maintenance.

Most of the vertical blinds that you find on the market are durable enough to last for several years. While there are fabric options, you can choose blinds made with PVC material. They are long-lasting and provide durability.

What Are The Most Durable Type Of Blinds?Conclusion

Different factors contribute to the blind’s durability. It includes the mechanism and materials used to operate them. So, whenever you are looking for blinds for your house, you should try to buy durable ones. That way, you can use them for several years without much trouble.

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