What Is The Best Curtain For Rainy Season?

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right curtains for your home. One of the most important things that you have to consider is functionality meaning that the curtains should serve their primary purpose of covering your windows. Another factor to consider is style keeping in mind that curtains are increasingly becoming a style statement that works to complement the decor in a room and express unique individual taste and preference.
Curtains are in most cases exposed to the vagaries of weather. The best curtains should therefore be in a position to safeguard the house occupants and items from different weather conditions and still stand the test of time. While there are curtains that may withstand different weather conditions, others may not and may be unsuitable when it raining as any contact with rain water may ruin them.

If you are considering buying curtains for the rainy season, here are some features that the best curtain for the rainy season must have.

1. They should be thick

Thick curtains are ideal for the rainy season. This is because they can trap most of the cold wet winds that are expected during the rainy season and ensure that the heat from the inside does not escape to the atmosphere.

2. The material should be of good quality and ideal for the wet season

You should consider the quality of the material used to make curtains for the rainy season. As a rule of thumb, go for materials that are not unbelievably cheap as this can only translate to low quality. You can tell the quality of a fabric by its price in relation to other fabrics in the same establishment so be ready to pay a little more for quality.
The way the curtain fabric generally looks or feel when touched can also tell a lot about its quality. Be sure to check how different fabrics look especially when put against some bright light and how the fabric feels when you run it through your fingers.

3. The should be stain resistant

It is normal to have some water getting to the curtains especially if the windows had been left open. Curtains that easily show stains will show these water stains which can be quite unsightly especially if the curtains are brightly colored

4. They should be water resistant or take a short time to dry

Different suppliers in Singapore have a wide range of water resistant curtains for the rainy seasons. Such curtains are in most cases preferred for open areas like the porch. These curtains also dry much faster especially when compared to other available option. The fact that these curtains are water resistant or dry very fast means that you can confidential use them without having to worry about dealing with that stuffy wet smell when they get slightly wet or having mold growing on your curtains.

5. The should be easy to clean

Well, this goes without saying. All good curtains should be easy to clean. In the case of curtains designed for the wet season, it is possible that the curtains may come into contact with mud and other debris that may be blown by the wind in rainy weather. If this mud and dirt cannot be easily wiped from the curtain without leaving any stains, then the curtain should be easy to clean.

All the above mentioned features should be considered whether you are buying indoors curtains or curtains for your pouch. There are some specific fabrics and curtains types that come with one or more of the features mentioned above and are regarded to ideal for the rainy season. These include;

1. Velvet curtains

Velvet curtains are made using thick and dense fibers that are very effective in insulation. They also have a soundproofing effect making them the right choice for you if you do not like the sound of rain water beating against your walls. There are different fibers used to make velvet curtains including silk, rayon and acetate. It is therefore important to consider the materials used in each chase and choose one that is less affected by water. Most velvet curtains are available in darker and richer hues but you will rarely lack one that is suitable for the rain season and still complements the rest of your decor.

2. Canvas

Canvas curtains are generally used for the outdoors. They are both durable and strong and can withstand harsh weather be it heavy rains or the harsh sun rays. If you are looking for ideal curtains for your pouch and other exposed places, canvas would be an ideal choice. They will last for ages and apart from regular cleaning, they require minimal if any maintenance.

3. Acrylic panels

Acrylic panels are also ideal for the rainy season especially for exposed areas. You can use clear ones that let the natural light in but are still effective in providing the necessary insulation from the cold and wet weather. The fact that there are only three types of curtains discussed here does not mean that your choice should only be limited to the three mentioned above. You can get silk or cotton curtains that are also suitable for the rainy season. A lining can also be added to a light material curtain fabric to make it heavier. Most curtains today come as a mixture of various fabrics. This is in most cases done to ensure that the curtains are ideal for all seasons and you will not have to buy several pairs to take you throughout the year.

Use the pointers discussed above to choose curtains that you can use when it rains, mostly to protect you against the cold. Most curtain fabric suppliers in Singapore offer a wide range of fabrics that come in all types of colors and textures. Ask them for guidance as far as purchasing curtains for the rain season is concerned if you are not sure of what to pick. Above all just ensure that the curtains that you pick will be effective in covering your windows and keeping the cold and wet weather at bay while still bringing some style into whichever room you choose to hang them in.

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