What Types Of Blinds Are Safe For Kids?

Though home is considered to be the safest place for your kids but there are a number of things in your home in Singapore which can be dangerous for them. Sometimes people are not aware of these types of hidden dangers. On of these dangers are the chains or cords of blinds you have used on your windows to enhance the looks of your home. They can be risky for your kids under three years of age as they can get strangled with the loop of chain or cord on your window curtains or blinds.

In order to be aware of the dangers for kids from blinds you should know the types of blinds normally used in homes so that you can take safety measures while installing them for the safety of your kids. Various types of shades and blinds are used in Singapore on domestic windows to increase their looks and keep the home safe from direct sun rays. Mostly shades and blinds that are operated through cords or chains are not safe for your kids. Vertical blinds, mini blinds, roman blinds and roller blinds are the main types of blinds that have cords or chains to move them up and down or sideways. Their cords and chains may cause danger for your kids. Among these different types of blinds, more chances of increased danger are with roller blinds for children. They have long loop of cord or chain to strangle the kids while the blinds are rolled up.

In order to make roller blinds for children safe you will have to install cordless blinds. You can easily eliminate the danger of hanging cord for you kids by using cordless blinds on your windows. They protect your home in the similar manner as the corded blinds do but the risk of roller blinds for children is reduced to negligible.

Though buying new cordless window blinds may not be affordable for you but you can also alter your existing blinds to make it economical for you and safe for your kids. You can make them cordless by using the lowest rail of the blind for lowering and raising it. You can contact with a professional company to make your window blinds cordless, if you are not able to do it yourself. Though you will have to pay them for their services but that cost will be still much lower than what you have to spend on new cordless roller blinds for children safety. So you can easily upgrade your window safety system and make it safe for your kids also in an inexpensive manner.

You can also take some precautionary steps to make your corded window blinds safe for your kids, if you are not able to spend even for altering them for their safety. In order to make your roller blinds for children safe you will have to avoid putting any type of furniture near the blinds with hanging cord to keep it out of their reach.

Thus, cordless roller blinds for children are the safest window blinds for your kids in Singapore.

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