Which Blinds Are Best For Bedrooms?

Which blinds are best for bedrooms? Choosing the best blinds for the bedroom depends on the personal preference of each homeowner. Some people want a complete window blackout, others would like a glimmer of light to come inside the room.

Check out the following list of blinds to understand which ones suit you best.

1. Blackout blinds

Which Blinds Are Best For Bedrooms?

Blackout blinds are the perfect choice for people who care a lot about their intimacy. The blinds cover the window frame totally, leaving no gaps that would let a drop of light inside. Their structure features a thick material that blocks the sun completely.

The blackout fabric makes it impossible for even the vaguest shapes of the silhouette to be visible from the outside. So you can be sure about your privacy. The blinds have a roller mechanism that allows you easily pull them up and down manually.

2. Duetted blinds

Duette blinds may be an alternative for those who don’t like blinds with side channels and cassette. Given the lack of side channels, these shades allow for some little gaps at the sides. These hardly betray any action that happens inside the room, yet are a good source of additional light.

Duette blinds are pretty flexible in manufacturing, so they are available in various levels of blackout. You can opt for one coat of material that lets a certain amount of light inside. If you are a privacy-lover or hate blinding morning sun, you can choose a type with blackout linings.

Duette shades have a nice feature that may spark your interest. The shade’s top will be open to allow light in, while the bottom will be covered by activating it. This suits people who don’t like morning light to blind them, yet are ok with some light entering the room.

3. Roman blinds

Which Blinds Are Best For Bedrooms?

If you look for both functional and stylish bedroom blinds, Roman shades may do the trick. They come in a variety of material thicknesses to let you choose how much light will be entering the room. For free light access, choose a thin material, while for full privacy opt for blackout linings.

The blinds use strings to roll up and down. While they don’t spoil the visual appeal of the blinds, strings may pose some danger for naughty kids. Children may play around and get caught in the strings, which would make them stay stuck until someone saves them.

So you have to analyze well the option of installing Roman blinds in the child’s bedroom. Getting back to the positive sides, Roman shades are a nice design accessory. They are available in a wide diversity of eye-pleasing patterns that improve your bedroom’s overall look.

4. Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds also deserve a place in the list of the best bedroom blinds. However, they are more suitable for people who aren’t that much concerned about their privacy. To put it otherwise, vertical blinds provide some gaps at top and sides, which may bother some homeowners.

The rest of the blind offers a good barrier against curious eyes unless the wind agitates the sections. Since the vertical sections are pretty mobile and weakly secured, they are vulnerable to surrounding powers.

So if there is some wind blowing, the sections may move forward and backward, creating occasional gaps. To prevent such situations, you have to keep the window closed and stop the aircon from blowing in the blinds’ direction.

The cool thing about vertical shades is that you can flexibly regulate the access to light using strings. Make sure, though, that children are not playing around the shades to prevent them from getting stuck.

While string vertical blinds aren’t quite a good choice for children’s bedrooms, they are a great option for an adult bedroom. Not only they provide good blinding but are also a wonderful bedroom improvement.

Which Blinds Are Best For Bedrooms? – Bottom line

Which Blinds Are Best For Bedrooms?

When looking for the best blinds for bedroom, always rely on your taste and needs. Try to understand how much light you need to come in your room. Once you answer this question, you will find it easy to choose the blinds design and fabric thickness.

Also, determine the level of privacy you would like the blinds to provide. If the answer is “high”, go for blackout shades or blinds with extra blackout linings.

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