Why Choose Us As Your Outdoor Timber Blinds Supplier?

Singapore is experiencing a trend where most buildings are constructed with open balconies, patios, and yards. This is because it brings charm and provides additional space to the area. However, despite these benefits, open balconies and patios are marred with too much sunlight or splashing of water during the rainy season. Outdoor timber blinds are used to deal with this problem. What you need to know is that outdoor timber blinds are similar to roller blinds in terms of their functionality. The only difference is that outdoor blinds are designed for strength so as to withstand tough climatic conditions such as winds and storms. Therefore, you might want to get the best blind supplier near you who can get you blinds that are weather-proofed.

Further, outdoor timber blinds are a great aesthetic addition your home or commercial property. They are elegant, classy, open space treatment that every person should get for their home or office space. More so, you need to check out the benefits below that render us the best as your blinds supplier:

• We supply outdoor blinds that give you more control

An outstanding benefit of the outdoor timber blinds is that they give you full control of your privacy. It is incredible that they give you the option of deciding exactly the amount of light that you desire. Regardless of the angle of your open space in relation to the direction of the sun, you can adjust the timber blinds to allow light just as much as you require. To get maximum light into your interior, you need to draw the timber blinds up to let completely light beam into your interior. It is such a simple process that gives you precise control over your comfort.

• Unbeatable customer service

This is another substantial reason you need to consider us as your blinds supplier. Every customer is unique and equally important. Therefore, our customer service has been tailored to suit each and every customer’s needs. Channels of communication have been established and are always attended to. You can get through to an attendant via phone, email or a text message. From here, you will get a favourable reply to your query or concern. Customer representatives are always on call and ready to help existing and new clients. What makes the customer service top-notch is the fact that you get assistance in every step of the way until you get fully functional outdoor timber blinds.

• Affordability

Every customer wants to get value for their money. We provide just that. Right from the first time you contact the customer service, you get a quote that matches your needs. The outdoor timber blinds and associated products are reasonably priced to accommodate every customer’s pocket. Our objective is to enable you to achieve your decoration goals in the most efficient way while utilizing the minimum resources and within the time frame that you have set. It is common practice for customers to come with a budget of their own. Together, we look at your budget side by side with your needs and provide you with a quote and the options available to you. Our delight is that every customer should succeed in their endeavors. We are here to facilitate that for them.

• Versatile designs
Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of outdoor timber blinds is that they are exquisite and look pretty much attractive for any commercial or residential setting. You can get any style of your choice starting from the antique to ultra-modern designs. The blinds come in a variety of styles and finishes. Additionally, they come in different widths that are customizable. Design wise, the is good news is that we can supply you with any size that suits your patio, balcony or any other open space and still matches your home décor.

You will also be surprised that timber blinds come in different colors. It is many people’s pre-conceived notion that timber blinds have to be a certain color. This is, however, not the case. You can get timber blinds in almost any color. It gets even better as the blinds supplier gives you two options: you either get it painted before you install, or you can modify the color of the blinds by painting afterward. This means that after a short time and for any reason you need to change the color of your timber blinds, you can do so easily.

• Good reputation

Word of mouth is by far the best way to know about a supplier’s reputation. Our current and past clients are happy about our quality services and have therefore maintained a good reputation of our company in the industry. These reviews are available online in forums, discussions and on our site. It is made free and available for everyone to see, read, interact and judge for themselves. It is our mission to make you happy in all your undertakings and interaction with us. You can count on us to get you started with the decorating ventures.

• Durable products
The one thing every customer wants is a product that can last for a reasonable period. Outdoor timber blinds are a shield that protects your exterior space from extremes of the climate. They must be able to withstand the test of time and rough handling. The timber blinds and other associated operating materials are optimized for tough conditions. We supply products that look as good as new even after being in operation for years. The coating on timber is sun and water-proofed and is not affected in any way by the raging storm or the scorching sun.

• Ease of operation

Our outdoor timber blinds are among the blinds that are the easiest to operate in the entire industry. Thanks to our professionals who have made styles and techniques of operation that are easy to understand. Our blinds utilize techniques such as the chain drive, spring or can be driven by a motor. This makes perfect sense for people who have spaces that have a lot of furniture pieces as they can press a button and the blinds automatically open or close.

Do not forget that with the blinds supplier, you also get regular aftercare service. To enjoy this and more benefits, reach out to us and you will get outdoor timber blinds that are not only functional but beautiful for your home or commercial setting.

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