Why Install Austrian Blinds?

Whether you are thinking about remodeling your home from scratch or just changing up a bit your favorite room, you will want to keep reading this article. 

As we all know, natural lighting plays a major role when it comes to home decor. Therefore, choosing the right type of curtain for your windows is key to a well-balanced room. In this post, we will discuss all you need to know about the Austrian Blinds.

These blinds are the perfect mix between a curtain & a regular blind and are usually made designed in lightweight curtain fabrics. An Austrian blind is often pulled up from bottom to top using cords that are attached at its back.

They were originally used to decorate the homes of the Austrian aristocracy and are currently used in many more settings to give a touch of refinement. This is certainly an old trend that could soon make a strong come back. 

As with every decoration item, its sophistication will be as good as it fits the room. So if that final touch of elegance is what you are looking for, installing Austrian blinds is the way to go. These blinds have been popular throughout the centuries and can be used in all kinds of rooms. 

First, you must know that you can choose from a wide range of finishes, such as different fringes, flanges, beads, patterns, pipes, laces, colors and fabrics. So there will always be an Austrian blind that will fit the style you are aiming for. 

Regardless of the chosen fabric and color, they give a special billowing effect that will make the room appear more cozy and comfortable than it normally would with other kinds of curtains or shades. 

Also bear in mind that if these blinds are lined, they will eventually hang better and exclude considerably more light, which is what you want if you decide to have them in the bedroom. But if you are hanging them in a room that doesn’t necessarily have to be completely dark, you might want to opt for a clear colored fabric.

Installing the blinds could give an illusion of a rather old room but if that is not the expected effect, modern pieces of decorations can be added to the room and rest assured that the result will be wonderful. 

Depending on the fabric of your choice, these blinds are generally easy to wash and do not require a lot of maintenance, unlike other types. For a weekly cleaning, wiping down the drapes with a feather duster is advised. Every month or so, using the brush tool on the vacuum cleaner and if you think it necessary, taking the blinds to the dry cleaner once a year should be enough to get them good as new. 

Moreover, if you fancy the vintage style, these blinds are for you because you will attain the ideal ambiance with very little effort! It is undeniable that you could grow obsessed with your room once you have installed these blinds. 

Austrian blinds are the best and most practical option for curved and roof to floor windows as they can be easily managed from one single cord. Needless to mention, they make space look amazing and somewhat more spacious. 

Last but not least, they are also the perfect choice for a room with a few pieces of furniture and/or ornaments. Their thickness and texture make up for the lack of stuff or “minimalism” that is now being adopted by more and more people. 

The best thing about these blinds is that, no matter what the budget is, everyone will be able to style the desired room with the blinds as they are available at many online-shops but, if you are not into online shopping, there is no problem! Most home-decor stores should be able to provide you with a selection of Austrian blinds. Or else, they could easily be custom made. 

However, if you like DIY activities, you will find either written or video tutorials that will guide you step by step on how to make and install the blinds. Feel free to express yourself creatively and display it in a unique way!

Remember: your home is your sanctuary. 


These fantastic blinds will definitely transform the environment of any room. But before rushing into a decision, I would highly suggest seeing as many pictures of the blinds in order to get an overall idea of how they would suit the vision of the new room!