Why Install Timber/Synthetic Blinds?

Tired of old curtains? So you want something refreshing and fashionable for your windows? Maybe you should consider getting blinds for your windows now! Blinds not only enhance your house’s visual appeal, but they can also help adjust the light control and take care of dust collection. They are restrictive and compact, not bulky.

Blinds are now very popular as the new window treatment as they offer more benefits, including shielding the furniture, protecting from UV rays, improving privacy, and of course, for their unique decor. Blinds come in various colors and styles. Synthetic and timber blinds help get the right feel and overall look.

However, there’s always more to cleaning the blinds and ensuring they look wood. Before getting blinds, you must consider your needs, window hardware, and safety factors with the control options. No matter how big or small the window is, there is a solution for it – and it’s the right kind of blinds.

Timber Blinds
Timber Blinds

This article will help you understand the benefits of timber and synthetic blinds. Read the full article and understand the advantages of blinds; you can get the right one!

Timber blinds

For a long time, wooden blinds have been used for homes and offices. The reason is that timber blinds are affordable and can be easily maintained. Timber blinds are stylish and durable and often look simple and elegant simultaneously. Let’s look at the main advantages of timber blinds:

1. Timber will help you to control the light that comes into the room, especially during sunny days. The rays from the glaring sun can cause damage to the skin and cataracts. In addition to that, timber blinds can significantly decrease the UVB and UVA rays from the sun rays.

2. Timber blinds offer more privacy, mainly during the evenings. Usually, the window tints fail to prevent any strangers from peeking inside your house.

3. Timber blinds are more environmentally sound. They are made of recyclable wood, which can go with almost any design theme. Timber blinds can effectively lower the room temperature and offer insulation, preventing the air conditioner in your room from overworking. Therefore, in a way, they can help you lower your aircon electricity bills.

4. Timber blinds are low maintenance. All it takes is some weekly dusting and cleaning. Natural timber blinds are even easier to maintain as they are made of porous material. These blinds can go on for many years before you feel like replacing them.

5. Timber blinds feel and look like real wood. In addition to that, they are lighter than faux wooden blinds. If you have a large window blind, it will be easy to last and raise longer.

Synthetic blinds

Synthetic blinds
Synthetic blinds

Synthetic blinds are now used by many decorators as it is easier to choose from a wide range of options. Let’s have a look at the main advantages of synthetic blinds.

1. Synthetic blinds are the best choice if you are looking for something less expensive because they are made from synthetic materials, less costly than real wooden blinds.

2. If you have pets and children, then you should consider getting a synthetic blind because it is durable and easier to maintain.

3. Synthetic blinds can resist moisture, which is a big advantage. They are perfect for kitchens and bathrooms, where wooden blinds can get affected due to steam and moisture.

4. Synthetic blinds are easy to clean. You can clean them by simply wiping them with a wet cloth.

5. Synthetic blinds are usually dustproof for their anti-static properties. Therefore, the dust collection issue will also be managed by synthetic blinds.


The truth is, whether it’s timber or synthetic, blinds will last longer and will complement your home decor. People everywhere are going for blinds instead of curtains because both timber blinds and synthetic blinds do not detract from the decorating schemes – instead, they enhance them!

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