Wooden Blinds VS Roller Blinds

When people enter into your house, then a lot of things could be there that can attract them and blinds on your windows could be one of those things. With wise selection of a good quality blinds, you can enhance the aesthetic value of your house in an amazing manner. Other than this, it can help you control the sunlight as well which is a great benefit to maintain the inside temperature of your house. In Singapore, controlling sunlight is very important because if you don’t control the light, then it can increase your house temperature as well.

Thank fully there are so many different type of blinds options that can help you get good outcome with ease. But when people think about choosing blinds, then many times they get confused between selection of wooden blinds and roller blinds. They do not know what kinds of blinds they should choose and they find it impossible to take a decision for same. In case you are in the same kind of dilemma and you are not sure what kind of blinds will be good for you home then here I am sharing some details about wooden blinds vs roller blinds and you can take your decision in a wise manner.

Blocking of light:

In wooden blinds you may not block the complete light in your house, but this is not a limitation with roller blinds. In the roller blinds section you can simply get it installed easily in your house and you can block almost complete sunlight in your house. The best thing about roller blinds is that it can control complete light and if you want to allow some light, then you can simply open half of the blind and you can allow the sunlight easily. However, this is not a liberty that you can get with wooden blinds. So, if you want to block complete light then you should choose

Look and feel:
In wooden blinds you may not have a lot of option to enhance the look and feel of this option. In wooden blinds you may get some pattern or designs, but it will not cover the entire window. But if you are choosing roller blinds, then you can cover your complete window with it. This kind of blinds can have different kind of patter or design in it and you can have that design with ease. This design will help you get good looks with ease and you can get better look easily. So, if you want to add better feel to your house then you can get roller blinds for same.

Made of Material:

Wooden blinds is made of completely natural substance and it is not against the nature. But if we talk about the roller blinds then it can be made of different material depending on the choice or needs. If you want it can be made of natural fibres and in other options you can choose vinyl or other material as well. Also, the material quality or quantity can be a good choice or option for you and you can get better look and feel with it. Hence, that is another thing that can help you take the decision in a smart and wise manner.


When you buy the blinds, then you think about choosing an option that is easy to clean. If you would try an option that is not easy maintain then you would not be able to get any good outcome with it. You may not be able to use it for a very long time and if you would use it constantly, then you will need to clean it regularly. Wooden blinds are vulnerable to dirt and dust and it can certainly get dirty in no time. But thankfully you can easily clean it without any issue. Opposite to this, roller blinds may not get dirty easily considered you choose right kind of material for same. But once it gets dirty and you choose some material such as fabric or zoot, then it will be impossible for you to clean the same. In that situation you may need to take the help of experts for this cleaning.

Options for you:
In wooden blinds, you would not have a lot of option for color, shape or designs. Also, there could be some limitation for you in terms of size and chances are there that you may need to ask them to create blinds for you as per your window size unless you have standard size window. But this limitation is not there with roller blinds. There are several of roller blinds available in the market and you can choose one of them as per your choice. These blinds can be available there in all shape, size and patterns. Also , you don’t have to worry about the design and pattern because you can ask them to design it with ease and you would be able to have great result with ease.

Privacy to you:

In wooden blinds, you may not get complete privacy to you. Some part of the window will remain open from outside and you will remain in dilemma about the privacy in your home. But if you would take roller blinds, then it will cover the window completely and you can have privacy in your home. This will cover the complete window and that privacy will help you have good result without any complication. So, if you are more concerned about your privacy instead of anything else, then choosing roller blinds can be right solution for you.

So when you plan to buy some blinds for your house, then you can take your decision on the basis of above details. Once you take the decision after evaluation, then you can either choose roller blinds or you can choose wooden blinds and you can give a new look to your room. Other than this, you can get other benefits as well that all are dependent on the selection of your blinds and its use.

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