6 Ways To Maintain Your Roller Blinds

Roller blind offer elegance and privacy in our house and offices, however after being on the window for some time they collect quite an array of dust and squashed insects. Roller blinds maintenance ranges from cleaning, using them correctly and knowing how to handle the material. This will also depend on the way they were installed. The first step of maintenance is to choose the right supplier of blind folds who will advice on the right blinds for your space, sell you durable, stylish and affordable blinds and show you how to install and maintain them. It’s challenging to find the right blinds but if you find a good supplier, they will come, take your window measurements and choose a great color scheme for you.

While you can get nice blind folds anywhere and especially online, Singapore is the best country to buy window and door accessories. The best curtains and blinds are made in Singapore and there are many companies there that have many years of specializing in just that. One of their best companies is Singapore Roller Blinds. This company has built its reputation on supplying the best blinds in the world keeping in mind the customers needs. They sell blinds together with top notch head rails that will outgrow your house like chains and cords. Their price is remarkable and they offer nothing but quality followed with best service ever.

6 Ways to Maintain your Roller Blinds

After buying your blinds in the best company in Singapore and have them installed, it’s up to you now to keep them in good shape following the instructions of the supplier. Here are a few tips on roller blinds maintenance;

1. Dust your blinds regularly preferably daily so dust doesn’t build up and turn into stains. Just wipe them with a damp cloth.

2. Clean the blinds regularly with warm water in a bath tub but avoid harsh cleaners as they will damage your blinds. This however depends if your blinds can be submerged in water, if not then make spot cleaning a habit.

3. Learn how to operate the roller blinds correctly depending on the rolling power so you don’t damage or break them. If they are chain operated always hold the chain both sides with two hands, if they are motorized make sure there is no power outage first. If you buy your roller blinds in Singapore they come with instructions to operate the head rails.

4. Always ensure there is nothing that has fallen near the blind that will jam the roller.

5. Use a vacuum cleaner for best roller blind maintenance. This can be a form of daily cleaning to ensure they are dustless and they are straight all year round. a vacuum can also be used before washing the blinds.

6. Bleach. If they are colored blinds use a color safe bleach to remove all the tough stains without damaging the fabric. This is the best alternative to using a brush to remove stains. If you have to brush use a toothbrush instead. This is an insight in this regard.

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