7 Mistakes To Avoid When Installing Roller Blinds For Balcony

Roller blinds are important because they add a sense of privacy and seclusion in homes and offices. They also act as a barrier against hot and direct sunlight that usually penetrates through your window. This in turn creates a cooling effect in your home. It is therefore not a new thing to hear many interior designers recommending roller blinds to their clients. Luckily enough, there are many types of roller blinds available in Singapore and you can choose the type that meets your taste. However, the unfortunate thing is that not everyone has absolute knowledge on how to choose and install blinds, which usually leads to a lot of mistakes.

Here are seven common mistakes that you should avoid when installing blinds for balcony.

1. Estimating the size of your windows
Many people make this mistake when they go out shopping for their favorite roller blinds. It is very important that you have the exact measurements of your window and not rough estimates. Doing this might lead to wrong measurements which in turn cam make it hard to install the blinds. You can avoid this mistake by using a tape measure and taking exact measurements for your windows. You should take the design of your window into consideration. When measuring, don’t get tired of measuring each window. There are chances that your windows have different sizes and you should therefore take all measurements separately. Lastly, ensure you write down the measurements and keep the list in a safe place to avoid misplacement.

2. Mismatching rollers colors with your interior designs

One of the many benefits of blind rollers is the fact that they improve the overall look of your home. You should therefore be color conscious when purchasing your blinds. Consider colors that can match well with your other upholstery. This will help to significantly improve your overall interior design. In case you can’t settle for the best matching colors, you can seek advice from your interior designer. Many upholstery shops have variety of high quality roller blinds that come with different colors, which makes it easier for you to shop.

3. Failing to seek professional advice

It is always good to have confidence in you, however, other times it is important to humble yourself and seek expert advice from a professional, especially when it comes to interior design. When installing balcony blinds, spare some time to seek professional advice from your interior designer. Due to their vast knowledge in the field, they will be able to answer any questions you may have on balcony roller blinds. They also have ample knowledge on some of the best quality roller blinds in the market today and will be willing to share this information with you. Discussing your needs and expectations with an expert will make your blinds shopping experience easier and enjoyable.

4. Lack to hire professionals for installation
Many people overlook the need to hire professional blinds installers. Blinds are meant to offer a sense of privacy as well as portray an aura of professionalism, something that you can barely achieve if you ignore the importance of using professionals. It might look easy at first, but the truth is that installing balcony blinds for your home or office isn’t an easy task. Hiring an amateur might not only damage the blinds, but also fail to achieve your intended expectations. A good blinds selling company will offer professional installation services that you should take advantage of. You can even have a professional work with you when you get home. In addition, you can learn about the company’s reputation by checking online customer reviews, or seeking advice from friends and family who have used their services. 

5. Focusing on low price products

It is good to go for what you can afford, but sometimes low quality balcony blinds might cause you to incur extra costs than you hadn’t planned for. If you buy blinds too cheap compared to the other items in the room, it will look awkward and something will always feel amiss. Cheap blinds are also likely to be of low quality meaning they will wear and tear sooner than you expect. Imagine a situation whereby they get spoiled during installation; you will be required to buy other balcony blinds. You don’t have to go for expensive blinds that will put a strain on your pocket. However, ensure you are quality oriented as opposed to being price driven.

6. Choosing wrong sets and materials

There are different types of blinds that can match and fit different types of windows. For instance, larger windows will look good with vertical blinds, while smaller windows require horizontal ones. It is therefore necessary to differentiate the sizes of your windows before buying the blinds. Another important thing that can’t be ignored when choosing a balcony blind set is the durability and the ability of the blinds to persevere harsh weather conditions such as strong winds and hot sun. Some of the most suitable materials for balcony blinds include PVC, aluminum and other strong fabrics. If you have the ability, you might consider purchasing extra blinds for different weather conditions.

7. Failing to follow the right installation process

Installing blinds on your own instead of calling a professional will no doubt save you money. However, it can also cost you more than you expected in terms of repairs and maintenance in case you do a bad job. It doesn’t make sense to own high quality, upholstery matching balcony blinds if you cannot install them properly. To avoid the unfavorable consequences associated with wrong blinds installation, ensure you follow the provided installation instructions. Prior to the installation process, read through the instructions to see if there is any step that you might have a hard time following, in which case you should seek assistance from a professional. If you have the know-how but you don’t feel confident enough to do the installation, take advantage of the many blind installation videos available online. Seeking the assistance of a professional will however minimize the worries of installation.

Do not take chances when buying and installing your balcony blinds. There are many benefits of using blinds in your office/home and you should therefore ensure everything is done perfectly.

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