7 Things to Take Note When Installing Roller Blinds

People prefer to install roller blinds in their home instead of other window treatments due to various reasons. Some of them like these blinds for the high level of privacy they provide whereas others install them for their ease of use. But they may not prove to be best choice for every one, if they are not installed properly. Information about certain things that one should note when installing roller blinds is provided hereunder to help you in this regard.

Maintain the temperature in your home: Reducing energy bill is one of the various benefits of installing roller blinds in your home. Most of the people choose this window treatment option as it helps in maintaining the temperature in their home. It helps in retaining the heat as well as coolness of your home, irrespective of the changes in temperature outside it. For this reason these blinds are more affordable and suitable from other types of blinds.

Reduce visibility: Though all of the roller blinds more or less reduce visibility from your window but if you use blinds made of thick fabric or that can not filter light then you can reduce your visibility more effectively to improve your privacy. Even though you may want some light to enter your room through these blinds but mostly people use them to cut off the views of the people outside their window.

Difficult to clean: Roller blinds are easy to clean as compared to curtains, if they are made of the fabric that can be cleaned simply by wiping otherwise their cleaning can be difficult. You should know about the methods to clean and maintain the fabric of your blinds before installing them.

Placement of blinds: Though it is easy to install roller blinds but still there are certain careful steps to be taken in this regard. You can adopt its installation method according to the type of your window. You can install them either on the side of the metal or plastic frame of the window or directly on its wooden frame. You will also have to decide about the side of the window on which you want the chord of blind to hang, so that you can reach to it easily.

Measurement and marking of blinds: You should first of all mark the position of holes for the bracket with a pencil, as per the instructions provided by the manufacturers of the roller blinds. Now you have to ensure the smooth operation of the blinds by holding them in their approximate position. Now after ensuring the position of your blinds you should drill the holes in the frame and screw up the first bracket on it. Now to install second bracket you should check the level of your roller blinds and measure the position of first bracket. Now mark the position of second bracket as per the measurement of first bracket and fix it as you have done the first one.

Install the blinds: Now to install your roller blinds appropriately you should measure the gap between the brackets accurately as per the instructions provided by the manufacturer. Now cut the blinds along with lath from the roll with the help of a craft knife or sharp pair of scissors after marking it as per your measurements. Now you should fit the blinds inside the recess after pushing the side control and end plug into the ends of the roller and slotting the blinds into the brackets.

Make your own blinds: You can also make roller blinds of your own choice by using your fabric and roller blind kit available in the market, if are unable to find a suitable one. You should measure the distances accurately for perfect installation of this type of blinds. If you want to fit its rollers outside the recess you can flexibly increase the size of your blinds. You can directly screw the blinds to the wooden frame of your window if you want to avoid drilling on the masonry to fix them. You can also order for made-to-size roller blinds to avoid all the efforts needed in this respect.

Thus the things mentioned above are to be noted and used carefully when installing roller blinds perfectly.

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