Blinds Articles 7 Tips On Choosing Ikea Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are subtle window treatments but they are also practical, making them ideal for a variety of settings. They come in different fabrics, allowing you to match them to your specific interior decor. There are different types of blinds to select from depending on the intended use. If you are thinking about installing Ikea roller blinds in your home or office, here are some tips to help you make the right choice choosing.

1. Control Light

If you are looking for window treatments for your home cinemas and bedroom, choose block out roller blinds. These blinds are made of a fabric that blocks out light. Block out blinds also offer better privacy compared to other options.
A special lining is used on these blinds to ensure no light gets in. They are ideal for shift workers who have to sleep during the day. If you have small children, these roller blinds allow them to sleep uninterrupted.

2. Reduce Light and Allow View

For living room areas, translucent roller blinds are appropriate because they let in some light. If you want window treatments for a room that requires additional light, transparent roller blinds are a great choice. They will also allow you to get a limited view of the outdoor space.

3. Solar control

If there is some direct sunlight that falls on your window, choose Ikea roller blinds that offer solar control. It may be necessary to get blinds that keep out the sun if the items that are placed near your window need protection. Roller blinds designed for solar control are also ideal if one of the rooms in your house tends to heat up.

Choose fabrics that are marked solar reflective or solar protective to reduce the amount of thermal radiation that gets into the room. You can also get some anti-glare fabrics when buying roller blinds. These blinds have a film that works like sunglasses to reflect UV light and filter light. Some of the fabrics are also designed to offer UV protection. U V control fabrics will block 100% of the UV rays.

4. Privacy Control

If you want to control what people can see through your window blind when they are outside, check the dim out rating on the fabric. The dim rating usually ranges between 1 and 5. If a fabric has a dim out rating of 1, this means that it is semi-transparent. A sheer or voile fabric can offer limited privacy. To get more privacy, get a blind with a dim out rating of over 4. A higher rating indicates that the fabric is heavier, giving your more privacy.

5. Thermal Efficiency

If one of the rooms in your house becomes hot because it is exposed to sunlight, you should consider roller blinds that offer thermal control. These blinds are also a good choice because they reduce the amount of heat that is lost especially when it is cold outside.

Roller blinds that offer thermal control will reflect the most of the solar radiation that is reflected back through your window glass. Check the manufacturer’s information concerning the amount of sunlight that the fabric is able to transmit, absorb, and reflect. It is important to note that your blinds will not eliminate the amount of heat that is lost but they can reduce it significantly.

6. Moisture Resistant

If you are thinking about installing window treatments in an area of the house that tends to have a lot of moisture, it is advisable to choose Ikea roller blinds that are moisture resistant. These blinds are appropriate for bathrooms and kitchens. For such environments you should also make sure the fabrics you choose can be cleaned easily.

There are various wip able fabrics that will make it easy for you to keep your bathroom clean. You should be able to wipe the fabrics with a damp cloth. Moisture also creates a good environment for bacteria to grow, making it necessary to install antibacterial fabrics. These fabrics have a coating that prevents bacteria from growing on them. The coating also helps to inhibit fungi and mold.

7. Flame Retardant

Ikea roller blinds can be installed in parts of the house that are exposed to open flames such as the kitchen. But they should be flame retardant to reduce fire hazards.

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