8 Roller Blinds Maintenance Tips

Roller blinds blend in quite beautifully with every décor in office or at home, rolling over our windows elegantly and adding to the appeal of our residence. High-quality roller blinds are not only cost-effective but also help block harmful UV rays from ruining your day.

However, cleaning and maintaining them can prove to be quite risky if you have no idea about the nature of the material that was used to make the blinds.

Read on to find out the 8 tips that will help keep your roller blinds in top form.

First, Purchase High-Quality Roller Blinds

Think about the time and money that can be saved if you only put a considerable amount of thought in purchasing a good quality roller blind for your windows. Many agencies in Singapore provide their customers with top quality blinds that require little to no maintenance.

Blinds made out of PVC are quite resistant to wear and tear and as such, they reduce high maintenance costs. But if despite these qualities problems still arise, the warranties provided by agencies can take care of repairs without hurting your wallets. Understand the nature of the material and you’ll have no problem cleaning the blinds.

Always Read The Label

Every material purchased comes with its own set of cleaning instructions that are almost always ignored. Same is the case with roller blinds. The instructions provided are supposed to be followed diligently if you do not wish to end up damaging your blinds. If your blinds are made up of plastic or vinyl, then go wild on them. Use any method you can to clean them nicely.

But if your roller blinds are made of PVS, then the only recommended method is spot cleaning i.e. you only clean dirt where there is some. So do make the effort to read the instructions before you do anything with your blinds.

Cotton Instead Of Fabric
When it comes to cleaning with a cloth, it is always recommended to use cotton cloth over cloth made out of high fabrics. A clean cloth can help clean your PVC blinds without any hassle. Just soak your cotton cloth in a good washing solution.

Make sure the washing solution doesn’t contain too many irritating agents and gently clean the blinds from top to bottom. It is important to note that as effective as cotton is in cleaning PVC blinds, it is as ineffective when it comes to blinds made out of wood. Wood is a different beast and it requires a different tool to be tamed.

Cleaning Wooden Blinds

If you are struggling with cleaning your wooden blinds, here is an effective solution for you. If we used cotton to clean metal blinds, it only makes sense to clean wooden blinds with a microfiber cloth. Dip the cloth in a washing solution.

So as to make the solution even more effective, add a tablespoon of baking soda to it. Mix it thoroughly and dunk the cloth in it. Wring the cloth, make sure its dry and with minimum effort, gradually clean the blinds, not leaving out any corner. The result will be a shiny looking wooden blind hanging over your window.

Remove The Blinds

Cleaning the blinds while they are hanging by the wall can be quite uncomfortable. Sometimes you just aren’t tall enough to clean up every nook and cranny of your blind. The more efficient way would be to simply remove the blinds from the head railings, keeping them vertically on the floor like a canvas and getting to work on them.

Make sure the floor on which you chose to lay your blinds is clean or simply cover it with newspapers and then keep the blinds on top of them. Once you have all of that taken care of, continue with your washing.

Cleaning The Head Railings

No matter how clean and shiny your blinds look, the appeal is short lived if your head railings are still accumulating huge chunks of dust. Head railings are often ignored and that ignorance can cost you dearly. This is because they not only collect dust but become unsuspecting homes to insects and pest. Hence remove the blinds carefully from the railings and give them a nice wipe. Sometimes a wipe can be substituted with simple dusting by a broom.

Also, to stop the winding mechanism from becoming stiff, use lubricants twice a week on the edge of railings to make them operate smoothly.

Vacuum Clean Your Blinds

If you have been away from your home for a while, then simple feather dusting just won’t help. A vacuum cleaner becomes the perfect solution for getting rid of the disgusting amount of dust collected on the blinds over time. Vacuum cleaners come with many complimentary brushing tools to better suit your cleaning requirement.

For better results, we recommend using the small soft brush that will help you clean up any cobwebs or small dust particles on your blinds. Keep the wind pressure as low as possible to avoid damage to your blinds. If you can’t afford a cleaner than a simple cotton or microfiber cloth will suffice.

Using Bathtubs
Probably the most unconventional but highly effective method to clean your blinds is by dunking them completely in a bathtub filled with solution laced water. It can be messy for you but completely fine for your blinds. Fill the bathtub about halfway with water and make sure the water is lukewarm. Add 2 tsp of bleach or washing powder to the water and mix it thoroughly until the water creates some nice foam.

Once we have the foam, dunk the blinds in them and use a cloth simultaneously to remove stains and dust. Repeat the process with clean water and keep the blinds to dry under the sun. You will have your blinds as good as new. This method is only recommended if you have time to spare, as it will take a lot of time out of your day.


A good practice of these tips combined can help you maintain the sheen and quality of your blinds for years to come and also earn you flattering compliments. Use expert help if you’re not up for the task. An imperfect job from your side will result in tragedy you simply cannot afford. Until then, our tips and well-informed opinion will suffice.

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