Does Roman Blinds Block Out Light?

There are several reasons why roman blinds have become one of the most preferred window treatments in Singapore these days. Let’s have a close look at few reasons why roman blinds have become hot favorite among millions of people.

The unique orientation of these blinds makes them aesthetically very pleasing. As they press flat against the windows, their layout looks streamlined and clean. It’s this flatness, which makes it very easy to clean them when they are drawn down. Their maintenance is very easy as you need just a spray cleaner or a rag when those blinds was fully extended. Every inch of these blinds is easily reachable and able to cleaned within minutes.

The roman blind have flat orientation which makes them one of the best and most efficient light diffusers on the market. As roman blinds are made to fit the windows, so when they are flattened up against the windows, they completely block out light from the outer areas. Therefore, roman blinds are highly effective for all those who want to block out light from their rooms.

Roman blinds best even those who do night shift in Singapore, as they can have a sound sleep even during the day, because they won’t b disturbed by the sunlight. Best of all, the toned down light coming inside through these blinds can make your interiors romantic and cozy. If you are interested in creating a calm atmosphere in any part of your office or home, then you must consider using roman blinds.

This type of window treatment allows you to have full control over amount that enters your office or room. This allows you to manipulate the light situation in your rooms in a much better way. Of course, if you are interested in basking in cheerful sunlight right in the comforts of your rooms, all you’ve to do is to raise these blinds up. However, if you’re in mood to have dimmer and darker room, roman blinds would be your best ally, as compared to other window treatment that may still allow small slits of light inside through them.

Roman blinds are good for work spaces, offices, and entertainment areas. Have a huge plasma TV, or a computer screen, you won’t like excessive glare to com inside and ruin your viewing or work experience. If you are still interested in a right outdoor view, you can simply adjust the roman blind to allow outer view while blocking out the glare. This is impossible with other window treatments as they are mostly oriented vertically, so even having blocked the outer view, still pesky slices of light may come in.

The flat orientation of roman blinds work well when you have to pull them up. Other window treatments look bulky or bunched when you gather or roll them up to the side, but these blinds transform into pleats and folds when they are rolled up, which looks neat and organized. They look more decorative and professional at the same time. Other window treatments are either too boring or artsy. This is not the case with roman blinds!

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