How Much Does Roller Blinds Installation Cost For HDB? (Updated 2023)

Interior decor is one fascinating field that is well explained in drawings and figures, not words. Undoubtedly, everyone is more concerned with how things feel and look around them—thinking of living in heaven here on earth. Then there is more to it. Converting your home into this peaceful sanctuary goes beyond furniture and paintings. More consideration should be taken starting from the word go: how the house is designed, how it is painted, how it is furnished up to how it smells. Nonetheless, our focus in this article will be on taking care of the windows using roller blinds.

Roller Blinds
Roller Blinds

What is a roller blind?
In simple words possible, roller blinds can be defined as curtains alternatives, or rather, stiffened fabrics that are/can be rolled up onto a tube to pave the way for light penetration. They, just like curtains, block harmful UV rays and, most importantly, prevent dust and unnecessary wind from blowing into your home or office.

Why install roller blinds and not curtains?
Roller blinds are easier and more economical to install- it is needless to say that Singapore is home to many great designers and architects. Finding someone qualified and experienced to install roller blinds in your office or home may not even take 30 minutes. It will also interest you to know that more designs exist to choose from than curtains. In terms of cost, based on their functionality, durability, and maintenance time, roller blinds are cheaper than curtains.

Unlike curtains, roller blinds are more environmentally friendly-curtains tend to accumulate more dust and other impurities than roller blinds. Curtains, when used, will result in respiratory problems and allergies to people with sinuses and those who are dust sensitive. For curtains, one has to pull the entire curtain to clean, whereas, in roller blinds, one must only roll it down and wipe.

It comes in different materials and designs- roller blinds for the living room, kitchen, and bathroom. You only need to specify where you intend to use it, and the dealers will guide you. There is a special package for those interested in completely blocking out the light, specifically designed for media houses and conference rooms where they intend to use presentations in their discussions.

Choosing the right roller blind

– Singapore has these HDB house designs that somehow look similar in design and are more compatible with nearly every interior design venture. In Singapore markets, there are different types of roller blinds to choose from, and the following factors determine what type of roller blind one settles on:

· Purpose-where the roller blind is intended to be used. There are different types of roller blinds to choose from; there

HDB Window Blinds
HDB Window Blinds

are those designed to be used in bathrooms, there are those designed to be used in bedrooms, and there are those designed to be used in living rooms. It is entirely up to you to specify the one you need.

· Cost-as stated earlier in this article, the roller blind is more economical in terms of purchasing cost and installation. Since roller blinds are more durable, it is recommended that you purchase one that is of high quality.

· Type of fabric, color, and such-this entirely depend on buyers’ preference. People go for the colors they like and fabrics they find comforting. It should not be difficult, though, to choose a color.

How much does it cost exactly to install roller blinds in your HDB?

– Before you are given a quotation, the designer/installer first needs to take measurements of all windows you intend to fit roller blinds on. For a five-room window HDB, the estimated cost ranges from S$800 to S$3500. If you are the kind who likes quality, then approximately S$1500 should be enough, though you may want to compare the prices before making up your mind.

Shopping Tips
Roller blinds last longer; it is, therefore, prudent to sacrifice and buy something worth buying at once and go for the best quality. Secondly, deal with dealers who install it free when you purchase from them or those who combine both blinds’ price and installation fee. lastly, regularly clean the blinds to avoid clogging with dirt and other impurities.

Benefits of Installing Roller Blinds for HDB

You can decorate your home with some of the great decorative items in HDB Singapore. But while selecting decorative products for your home, you should choose those that match your property’s style. You can also decorate your home by installing roller blinds in various parts of your home. People install roller blinds for HDB due to the benefits these blinds can provide them. Most interior designers in Singapore also recommend installing roller blinds in HDB homes because of their great benefits, briefly discussed here.

Roller Blinds For HDB

Improve the style of your home: You can improve the looks of your entire HDB home by using several decorative items. You can also increase the beauty of your home by using certain other items like roller blinds. These blinds can normally give your home a new stylish, trendy look by enhancing its aesthetic beauty. You can find a wide variety of these blinds in the market. They are available in different colors and styles from which you can choose according to the décor of the interior of your home. It can be more beneficial to consult an interior decorator while selecting these blinds for your home.

Save energy: When you install roller blinds for HDB flats, you can easily reduce the energy transfer from your home’s exterior to its interior. In this way, your blinds can help reduce energy consumption in your home. While selecting blinds for your home, you should compare all the varieties available in the market to find the best. Roller blinds are the best of almost all the available options because they are made from strong and thick materials. So, for this reason, they can help in blocking the transfer of heat into your home and can reduce the consumption of energy by your aircon.

Protect your privacy: The roller blinds installed in your HDB home can allow you to live in your home very comfortably and privately because they protect your privacy. They protect your family’s privacy because they are made from opaque or non-transparent materials. When you are using blinds, then no person from outside can look into your property through these blinds. These blinds should be installed properly to ensure the usage of all of their functions. If you want to improve the privacy of your room, then you can also add some additional layers along with the blinds.

Improve the value of your home: When you install roller blinds in your HDB home, you can improve its market value to a significant level. You can also install it if you plan to sell your property. You can install these blinds as outdoor and indoor blinds in your HDB home. Most home buyers normally want to purchase a property beautifully decorated with roller blinds, as these blinds can enhance the overall style and beauty of the house.

Control the brightness inside your room: You should be able to manage the brightness inside your room if you want to feel comfortable in your home. Though you can also use certain other methods to control the brightness in your room, roller blinds are considered the best because of their various benefits. The movement of these blinds can be managed easily to control the brightness in your room. You can roll them up to increase brightness and roll them down to reduce it inside your room.

Low maintenance: One more benefit of roller blinds is that they can be easily and inexpensively maintained. Normally they can be installed easily at a very low cost, but if you opt for motorized roller blinds, it can be an expensive option. But motorized roller blinds allow you to close and open them remotely with a remote control system.

So to avail the benefits of roller blinds for HDB, you should consult your interior decorator to choose the right blinds. They can help you improve the looks of your home by installing binds and other decorative items. However, while choosing these blinds, your focus should be on the durability and quality of their materials instead of only on their price.

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