How To Choose Dark Colored Roller Blinds?

Roller blinds are great because they are easy to maintain and install. They also look great whether at home or in an office. They come in many styles and colors. They boost the general appearance of your condo and office making your interior decor look elegant. Singapore is characterized by hot humid weather and rainy conditions. Thus, it is practical to have dark and light colored roller blinds.

Factors to consider when choosing dark color roller blinds

• It should complement your walls
Most walls in Singapore are white so any dark color will work for them. If you have light colored walls say lavender, lime and sky blue. The floor should also determine what color your blinds should be. The roller blinds should complement the largest surfaces of the house and not overshadow them. If the walls are lavender a dark shade of purple say brinyal or caponata can be used for your roller blinds.

• It should be in sync with your upholstery

It should coordinate with the furniture especially the sofa, dressing tables, dining tables and carpets. It should be able to bring the best out of them. The color of the blinds should complement your upholstery. These is because it is easy to pick a roller blinds than replacing your furniture. Each dark color has a way of making the upholstery and the rooms send a certain message. For instance, purple brings out tenderness and eccentricity.

• Match up the color of accessories

Simply pick a roller blind with the color of your throws, pillows, mats or vases. If they are dark colored say dark green then you can match them to dark green roller blinds. This makes the room look organized and elegant. You can also color block them if your accessories are say yellow you can choose navy blue. This livens up the rooms and accentuates the appeal of your overall interior decor.

• It should cover the flaws of architecture

Picture this a house with a low ceiling or wall-to-wall carpeted basement apartment. An apartment that is lackluster common floor and walls no heart was put into its architecture. Dark colors hide these flaws perfectly. If you put dark roller blinds they give character to the house. If the walls say are charcoal grey and you put maroon roller blinds the house is transformed greatly.

• Season

If it is during the cold season dark shades work greatly. Visualize your house during the dull gloomy season and see what dark color fits it best. Look from a distance and you will be able to see how the roller blinds look during the cold weathers. You can pick any shade of maroon, purple or dark blue. You do not have to pick the common brown or shade of black.

• Occupant of the room

If it is your house ask all its occupants their opinions, especially if it is in their bedrooms. Girls like more lively colors than boys. So while a boy will have no problem with black girls may prefer less gloom. There are many choices of dark colors girls can like. These may include dark silver, violets or green among others.

• Color harmony

The roller blind should play a complementary role. It should bring balance and live in a room. This can be done by speaking to an interior decor company. They can help you pick a dark color that will suit your accessories, upholstery and walls. Roller blinds should
blend harmoniously with the rest of the house. They should bring out the best of your interior decor.

Dark colors that are great yet underused for roller blinds

1. Purple

Purple has many shades of dark purples from brinyal, galaly and coponata among others. Each shade complements the walls and upholstery differently. Purple is a great color, it is feminine, eccentric and royal. It is dark but does not bring dullness to the house.

2. Green

It has always been overshadowed by its brother the blue. Yet it brings tranquility, harmony and peace in your house. Green can work miracles when used as a roller blind color. There are several shades of green differing because of lightness, hue or chroma. Dark green brings the best effect on your interior decor when used on roller blinds.

3. Dark silver

It is also overshadowed by gray yet it is not as lackluster. It is very attractive because of its metallic shine. It is a unique color because its shiny effect cannot be replicated by matching other colors. It makes your condo to shine and look expensive. You can never go wrong with dark colored roller blinds. Dark colors make rooms appear elegant, they don’t get stains and dirt quickly and they complement accessories and furniture really nicely. Do not be afraid of dark colors because of the limited choice of gray, black and brown. You can pick dark silver, dark blues, green, purple and maroon.

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