How To Stop Lights Coming In From The Side Of Blinds?

How To Stop Lights Coming In From The Side Of Blinds? Does the light sneak into your bedroom from the side of the blinds? Are you looking for some effective ways to prevent the light to enter in?

It can be annoying if the light makes the way into your room when you want to relax and sleep on tiring days. In this article, we will try to find out easy but effective solutions to this problem. Keep reading to know how to prevent the light to sneak from the side of the blinds.

Ways to Stop the Lights to Enter through Sides

How To Stop Lights Coming In From The Side Of Blinds?

You will find many ways to stop the light. The easiest way is to find the best fit so that the light will have little scope to sneak through sides. You can also consider blackout materials for the same purpose.

You can install light filtering blinds that will block most of the light. A blackout treatment is also helpful to obstruct the light. Let’s cover more details to make it easier for you to decide.

Get the Best Fit

How To Stop Lights Coming In From The Side Of Blinds?

As stated earlier, the easiest way to create a darker space is to choose the right size. You should install the blinds that perfectly fit your window. When there will be no gap in the sides, light cannot come inside.

Many people cannot do accurate measurements and end up buying the wrong size. The result is obvious. They cannot get the best protection from the natural right. Take time to measure the window. If you find it confusing, you should take the help of professionals.

After all, any wrong size can cause a lot of trouble and you might need a replacement to get the best outcome. So, act smart and invest in the right product.

Consider Blackout Liner

If you have an existing blind, and you do not want to replace it, you can think of adding blackout liners. These can be the perfect addition to block the light. Blackout liners can be effective to save on energy bills.

Yes, these additions will make your place more energy-efficient. You can expect an ideal indoor environment.

Install Blackout Blinds

If you want to create a completely dark environment during day hours, you should think of installing blackout blinds. These blinds are designed to prevent the light to get into your bedroom.

By installing these blinds, you can create a perfect sleeping environment in the day time. These blinds are thick. But you will have to choose the right size to maximize the benefits. These are different from the sunscreen lights since you will not able to enjoy the outside environment.

Get Light Blockers

How To Stop Lights Coming In From The Side Of Blinds?

You can buy light blockers to block the light from the side of your blinds. You can expect the best result as these blockers are designed to serve this purpose only. These are easy to install and can be effective as well.

They will block the gaps so that lights cannot enter inside. These are available in L-shaped plastic that you install either behind or in front of your window treatment. You can use it to cover any gap that is causing the light to sneak into your bedroom.

Just place as close as possible to your blinds to get better coverage. As these are available in different sizes, you will not have any problem to find the best fit for your blinds. If required, you can also trim the blockers to get the perfect fit.

Invest in Outside Mounts

How To Stop Lights Coming In From The Side Of Blinds?

You can cover the gaps with outside mounts. The outside mount just above the window frame can work as a blockage for light. You can get different types of outside mounts. While buying one, you should always consider the width and height of your window.

You should add four to six inches to the width and height of your window to get the right coverage. The mount will prevent the shade to cover your windows and blind gaps. As a result, the light cannot sneak inside.

How To Stop Lights Coming In From The Side Of Blinds? – Conclusion

These are some proven ways to stop the light from entering your room through the side of binds. You should always invest in the right size. Also, you can consider custom design blinds that come with mounted sides to block the light completely.

If you are looking for less expensive options, you can consider light blockers. These are also effective to create a darker space.

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