Pros & Cons On Installing Blackout Roller Blinds

Are you concerned with the discomfort you get because of sunlight penetrating in to your house? Do you also spend a lot of money in cooling and heating your house simply because your window is not able to control the temperature in your house? If so, then you need to get the right treatment for your windows. Black out roller blinds are among the best and the most effective window treatments that can actually save you from all these predicaments. They often provide the feel of draperies while at the same time offering a controllable window covering that opens and closes easily. This article focuses on both the pros and the cons of using these blinds.


  1. Good insulators
    One great benefit of using this type of window treatment is because it is a very good insulator. This property enables these blinds to efficiently maintain your house temperatures at optimum levels regardless of the weather conditions. This means that whether the outside climate is cold or hot your house will have balanced conditions of temperatures .Many people in Singapore now prefer to use blackout rollers blinds because of their ability to efficiently control temperatures and light in their homes. To some extent, these blinds can also help to control the sound entry into your house from the outside.
  2. Helps to eliminate light pollution.
    Blackout roller blinds are known to help prevent any kind of light from entering into your house. This means that if you want to have a rest during the day and you don’t want any light disturbance, then blackout roller blinds are your best option. They can really help to prevent moving vehicle light and street light from entering into your house at night thus interfering with your peaceful sleep.
  3. Good for entertainment purposes
    If you are a fun of watching movies during the day then blackout roller blinds are the best options to consider. Their ability to prevent light from entering into your house makes them to be the perfect choice for you. These rollers are great for watching movies and PowerPoint presentation .They will greatly improve your visibility thus making the movie more enjoyable.
  4. Good appearance.
    Blackout roller blinds are recognized as having a sophisticated classy look as compared to other shades. They are available in different varieties thus providing large selection of choices to the customers. They are available in endless amount of color choices and can perfectly match swatches to coordinate with any decor. The variety of style options of these blinds offers a great advantage to the consumer. They also look good and attractive even when completely opened.
  5. Can be customized.
    If you want customized blinds, you can be sure that you will get them because these blinds can be customized according to your taste and preferences. All you have to do is to visit any reliable company that sells this product in Singapore and order for customized blackout roller blinds.


  1. Too much light blockage.
    Some people have complained that these blinds offer too much light blockage that makes them uncomfortable. The full fabric panel of the blinds filter sunlight as it enters the house thus blocking the light from penetrating into the room.
  2. Too much privacy.
    Some people have complained that this blind offer to much privacy. The blinds prevent any outside passerby from seeing the house. This can be an advantage to some people while to some who don’t like too much privacy; it is one property that they don’t like.
  3. Not suitable for room with a lot of moisture.
    Although this blinds offer stylish and elegant look, they are actually not suitable to be used in rooms that gathers a lot of moisture such as the kitchen and the bathroom. This is because the steam from the shower can easily be trapped in the material of blind thus causing the fabric to mould or mildew. In the kitchen, cooking odors may be trapped in the blinds fabric thus damaging the blinds material.

In conclusion, the pros of using blackout roller blind are more that the cons and that means that they are good to be used at home. Make sure you buy this product from a company that is reliable and has good reputation from its customers. There are many suppliers in Singapore but only choose the company that will provide quality service at reasonable prices.

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