Is Curtain Or Blinds A Better Option For HDB?

Singapore’s HDB initiative has come unparalleled in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. This housing initiative is one of the most successful projects the progressive country has ever offered to its citizenry. If you have just moved to Singapore from another country to work or do business, you might see yourself entrusted to various types of HDB flats and apartments. Once you have found a new home, the next step would be decorating. When it comes to decorating, a most common dilemma that most new HDB renters or owners have to face is choosing the window treatment — curtains or blinds.

Choosing the type of window decorative treatment for your HDB abode can be both overwhelming and exciting. Curtains have been accepted as a “norm” in decorating homes because of their elegance and wide-ranging designs and materials. Blinds, on the other hand, have become a rage in this highly fast-paced country because of their functionality and practicality. When on the loop of finding what works best for your HDB flat or apartment, here is a comprehensive comparative analysis to jump-start your search.

Decorative Element
Curtains are renowned for their luxurious feel when it comes to beautifying a home. Not only do curtains come in various materials, style, color, fabric, and size, they can also be customized to suit your taste. You can have sheer curtains for the kitchen area to allow natural lighting to seep in and full heavy coverage in bedrooms for that relaxing feel. Truly, there is a full spectrum of decorative choices that curtains bring to HDBs.

Contrary to popular belief, however, that blinds are only used on offices and other commercial entities, Singapore HDB homes are quite enamored with both the simplistic and economic effects of blinds. For the last five years or so, the types and styles of blinds in the market have become more dramatic, stylish, and “home-y” making them a more practical choice for HB homes. Blinds can now have valance and a slew of other window treatments to accentuate a space and deliver the look you wanted. Finding colors that mesh together with walls and ceiling as well as overall interior design of a home can be such a breeze. You can have roller blinds or roman blinds, plastic, wood and other decorative materials. In the same way as curtains, blinds can also provide that luxurious feel yet in a less expensive way. These are also easily found in home improvement stores and also have various specialists rendering blinds installment and maintenance services.

Blinds and curtains function largely as a privacy and light control. This is where blinds take a huge lead. Blinds are highly functional in design. One can easily control amount of light coming into a particular space with easy precision control with a simple twist of a rod or a remote control. Blind slats are also designed to obscure the inside view of a home and allowing natural light to seep through upholding privacy to your flat or apartment. Curtains, on the other hand, can be difficult to control. You need to fully close curtains or drapes to completely block the view to your flat. This can be hard for HDB flats or apartments wherein spaces in between can be constricted. Light flow and privacy are, indeed, a challenge for HDBs.

Initial Investment
Money-wise, blinds are the more affordable option. They can be easily bought online, on home improvement shops, or through service providers who often provide free installation services as part of their marketing push. Curtains are often more expensive. There may be affordable sets that can be bought off the rack in department stores but these often require re-customization. More elaborate designs can be over-the-top pricey, too, as these curtains must be obtained from artisans or custom shops.

Installing curtains on your own can be a grueling process. Unless you have innate flair of handling power drills, putting a curtain rod, hooks and screws in place can be an ordeal. Blinds, on the other hand, can be a complicated process, too, when done on your own. However, you have the option of buying from blinds retailers/distributors which often provide free installation as part and parcel of their reliable services.

When it comes to cleaning, washing curtains can be difficult for HDB flat, apartment or condo owners. It is common knowledge that curtains can be heavy and requires substantial amount of light to dry out. Yes, it can be washed in a residential washer but thick and bulkier drapes can be hard to handle. Often, you would need to send it to washers who specialize in curtain maintenance to preserve the fabric and color. Blinds, however, are much easier to maintain. Weekly dusting or wiping of the slats can be easily done with a microfiber duster to remove dust and debris.

The Verdict
When it comes to choosing between curtains and blinds, your preference and budget always come on top. Flats and apartments who prefer elegance and style above all else often go for curtains and resort to expert curtain cleaning on a monthly basis. On the other hand, practical HDB renters and homeowners choose blinds due to its multi-functionality, budget-friendliness, and low maintenance. With the wide-ranging styles and types of blinds available nowadays, finding one that flatters their abode’s interior design can be such a breeze. Definitely, there is no right or wrong answer. Your own preference holds the key.

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