When To Replace Your Roller Blinds

Today, most of the homes in Singapore have roller blinds installed on their windows. These are more of an upgraded version of the conventional curtains. Even though these window treatments are good to have in your house, you must be keen enough to monitor their condition and when they need to be replaced.

It might not be easy to determine if the specific roller blinds need replacement. However, here are some things/signs to help you know when you should replace your blinds.
1. The slats are dirty and tarnished

Blinds are naturally lightweight, and they tend to be delicate as well. When you first installed your blinds, you were probably told that direct exposure to the sun could discolour them. So if you experience dirty blinds that the original color has faded, it might be a sign of being worn out. New blinds come with a UV protection that keeps them safe from the direct sunlight. So as time goes by, the UV protection layer starts to fade, and it exposes the inner layer. This will then give it a yellowish color that looks dirty. If you notice this, it might be the time for replacing them.

2. The lift cords are worn out

Another thing that proves your blinds need to be replaced is when you notice the cords are worn out. This is natural if the blind have stayed on the windows for many years. Also, the daily pulling of the cord will also fray it gradually until it is completely unravelled. Nonetheless, if the blind have not taken more than a year and the strings are worn out already, seek the help of a professional to study the mechanism of the blinds. All in all, consider replacing them if the strings are tattered.

3. The slats are twisted

This is a common sign that many homeowners experience with their blinds, mostly if they were installed many years back. Normally, when you purchase the roller blinds, they will come in straight lines that are very appealing. As mentioned, the material used to make the blinds is light and will naturally weaken if the blinds are used for a long time. The most fragile type of roller blinds are the faux wood blinds or other types of wood blinds. They tend to be susceptible to excessive heat exposure. So when you notice that the blind slats are bent, consider replacing them soon enough. Ask your dealer about the best type of blind that can last for long enough.

4. The blind doesn’t close tightly
Here, you will notice that the slats don’t hold on tightly to each other when you close the blinds. The reason could be because they’re twisted and bent or probably the tilt mechanism is broken down. Some homeowners might be tempted to try replacing the tilt mechanism, which is quite exhausting. Rather than waste time and effort trying to record the blind mechanism, just visit your local dealer and purchase reliable roller blinds. Replacing the whole roller blind assures you of a stable unit that can last for years without the possibility of breaking down again.

5. You find it difficult to open/raise the blinds

Have you ever experienced this; you try raising the blinds but it is stuck or it moves with some difficulty? Usually, roller blinds are designed to be raised by pulling the cord gently with one hand. But if you are obligated to open your blinds with two hands and apply more force to it, you might want to consider replacing them. In this case, the lift mechanism might be broken, and this will cause it to jam regularly whenever you want to roll up the blinds. Don’t force the blinds to open if they are difficult to raise. Rather, have the blinds replaced to avoid unnecessary injuries.

6. The blinds are outdated

Have you visited your neighbour, friend, or family, and noticed the new blinds on their windows? Better yet, did you just see a commercial on the TV about the newest blind on the market? If your blind is out of style and far much behind those that you see on the TV or in your neighbour’s house, consider replacing them. Just because your blinds are in good condition doesn’t mean that you should still have them. One of the reasons for choosing roller blinds over the normal curtains is due to their aesthetic aspect. So if your blinds are over ten years old, don’t expect them to be of the same style and quality as those of the recent times. For the sake of enhancing the glamour effect of your blinds, have them replaced with the trendiest selections.

7. The theme of the house has changed
Other than the quality and condition of the blinds, you might have changed the theme of the house. If you are adding a new paint color, it should be matching with the blinds. The blinds tend to be cheaper than the paint needed for the entire house. So ensure that you replace the blinds according to the theme and style of the house.

8. The blinds are not as efficient as such

Yes, the blind could be as new as ever. However, if they are not efficient enough to match your expectations, you might have to replace them soon enough. There is no need for having new blinds on the windows yet they still allow light to pass through even when they are rolled down. If you need a dark environment when you close the blinds but light gets through the slats, just replace them with a better quality. The point here is to have good quality roller blinds that will meet your needs accordingly. You might prefer having blinds that allow some light in the room. So only replace them if you are not comfortable with their performance.


Always go for high quality roller blinds that can last for long enough. Since most of the blinds will be exposed directly to sunlight, choose fabric blinds or those that come with UV inhibitors. You can ask your dealer about the best roller blinds that are long lasting and those that will match the theme of your house.

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